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Description Checklist for Clubs

Club Contests 

A Club can only participate in the Contest process if it is chartered and in good standing.

However you do not need to hold a Contest at Club level. A Club can simply choose (by whatever means it wishes) Contestant/s to represent it at the Area level.

If a Club does decide to hold a Contest …

1 - 3 months in advance of Contest
- Set a date suitably in advance of the Area Contest. Usually this is a Club meeting date, but you could arrange a separate date to avoid interrupting the normal Club meeting programme;
- Acquire the forms (Judges, Timers, Counters and Eligibility) and certificates (Participation and Top 3);
- Appoint the Chief Judge and Judges (preferably from neighbouring Clubs), Contest Chair, two Timers, two Counters and any other officials you want;
- Retrieve any perpetual trophies;
- Publicise the Contest heavily throughout the Club to encourage the largest possible number of Contestants. In particular you need to rally speech Contestants early as they will need time to prepare their speeches;
- For the Evaluation Contest, arrange a Speaker To Be Evaluated.

Before the Contest
- Put together the Agenda (download example template at https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=109) and arrange copying;
- Arrange for two stopwatches to be brought to the meeting, one for each Timer;
- Ensure all forms, certificates and any trophies are brought to the meeting.

Contest Officers roles and responsibilities
Contest Chair: See https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=53
Chief Judge: See https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=54
Other Judges: See https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=10

After the Contest
Provide the names, contact details and any speech titles of the winners and alternates to the Area Governor.