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Author malcolmw  Date 31 Jul 17, 08:15  Views 19171
Description How to use the system to keep track of members' progress for CL and AL awards
Category Club Management  Type Information
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Tracking Leadership Awards

The easy-Speak system will help your club to keep track of each member's progress in completing each of the projects for the CL award and the AL awards.

This process is partly automated for meeting roles in the clubs that use the full easy-Speak system to plan meetings, track speeches and roles etc.
(Registering that the member has completed the meeting role and had the evaluation entered in their leadership manual is shown in the CL record automatically when the meeting 'actuals' are recorded)

Leadership activities, other than those achieved by completing meeting roles, may be recorded manually for each member by the Club Vice President of Education.
The detailed Leadership Track information is available to each member and to their mentor (and their computer 'buddy' if assigned) by clicking on the award name in the Leadership Chart and is also displayed in the screens 'My CL|AL Progress'.

Detailed information for each member is available to the VPE for all members of their club.

How to record which Leadership Manual a member is using.

  • Go to the This Club >Club Charts > 'Leadership Track'
  • A list of club members is shown with progress for each Leadership manual.
  • If you have system permission as VP Education for this club there will be '+' characters in the far right column for each member.
  • Click on the '+' and select the leadership manual that this member is working on
  • You will be returned to the Leadership Track chart

How to record a Leadership assignment as part of the Meeting

  • Make sure that all members who are working to complete their CL are listed with the CL progress bar on the Club Leadership Chart (see above)
  • Look through the Club Leadership Chart for members who need to complete a specific role for CL and assign the roles needed to support them
  • Assign other roles for a meeting (possibly using Auto-Assign)
  • The agenda e-mail #3 gives each member with a role that may be evaluated for CL an explanation of the role and a request to bring their CL manual to the meeting - so send this mail.
  • Immediately prior to the meeting print the 'Checklist Report' which lists all the roles that could be evaluated for CL at the meeting and any members who may be evaluated for the 'Table Topic CL' if they have no other CL role in the meeting.
  • At the meeting, use the Checklist report to confirm that each member with a CL role has their manual and an Evaluator (Clubs vary in how they manage this, some assigning it as a specific meeting role to make sure that it happens and some using it as part of the SAA role)
  • Use the Checklist report when confirming actuals after the meeting, select the correct CL task for members who were evaluated and then save and close the meeting.

How to record a Leadership assignment manually

  • Go to the This Club > Club Charts > 'Leadership Track'.
  • (Note - if your club uses easy-Speak the leadership roles that are completed during a meeting will be updated automatically if they are confirmed when the meeting is closed)
  • A list of club members is shown with progress for each Leadership manual.
  • If you have system permission as VP Education for this club the manual names in the far right column will all be coloured blue with an edit button.
  • Click on the manual name (for example 'CL') for the member where you wish to record a project as completed.
  • A detail screen showing each of the assignments making up each of the leadership projects is shown.
  • Click on the assignment name and an edit screen will pop up allowing you to enter the date that this assignment was completed.
  • (If you record a project completed in error you may delete it by pressing 'Remove' on this screen)
  • You will be returned to the detail screen showing assignments.
  • When you have finished making changes for this member click on 'Close Window'
  • You will be returned to the Leadership Track chart.
  • When all requirements for a project have been completed any remaining 'Not done' blocks will disappear
  • Click on 'Go' at the top right of the chart to refresh the project information

Loading CL history

If there is much activity needed to get CL history current, it is best to involve the members themselves and ask them to enter the relevant dates (by clicking on the CL edit button on the Chart or their Leadership Progess screen and entering dates against the detail)
They should then bring their CL manual to the VPE to verify it in total (using the same detail screen).

If there are just a few corrections it may be easier for you to take care of it yourself - using the same routine

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