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Author malcolmw  Date 25 Mar 07, 12:50  Views 2523
Description A review of the way that the Candidates Corner works
Category District Management  Type Information
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Candidates Corner

Candidates Corner is a feature that is available at the District level to help each of the candidates in an election present themselves to their potential electorate and subsequently to present the results.

The process works this way:

The Chairman of the Nominating Committee (or whichever District officer is responsible for impartial operation of the election) instructs the webmaster to set up the Candidates Corner for this election and defines the timetable:

  • Last date for nominations,
  • First date that candidates' profiles will be made visible to the public,
  • If the District has agreed to send an e-mailshot to the electorate, the number of words available to each candidate and the cut-off date and contact details for the candidate's copy to be included.
  • The date of the election itself,
  • The last date that the election results will be displayed,
  • The sequence in which multiple candidates for one position will be presented (Sorted by First name or Second name or date nomination received)

The webmaster then creates a blank candidate profile for each candidate as the nomination is accepted.
  • The candidates each receive an automatic e-mail from the system giving them access to their candidate profile and encouraging them to check that the personal information shown in their user profile includes a small photo and is accurate.
  • Each candidate may then prepare whatever information they choose and include this in their candidate profile.
    (A template is provided as an example but its use is entirely optional.)
  • A candidate profile may include images and an audio file or video (Youtube or Google video).
  • If the candidate wishes to delegate the computer activity to someone else they may assign a computer 'buddy' who will have the same system access as the candidate themselves.
  • The candidate (or their computer buddy) must tick a box to show that the profile is finished and should be made visible to others.

The electorate's view:

  • At 00:00:01 local time on the date specified by the Chairman of the Nominating Committee the system will show 'Candidates Corner' in the navigation block with a link to an overall display showing the name and date of the election and photos and names for all candidates for each of the offices.
  • Candidates who have completed their profile and made it available have the words 'view profile' beneath their photo and registered users may click on this to view the detail prepared by each candidate.
  • If the District will make an e-mailshot, users will receive an e-mail with each candidate's message and a link to their profile.
  • At 00:00:01 local time on the date of the election the Candidates Corner is automatically removed from the website.
  • After the results of the election have been declared the webmaster ticks an additional box for the winning candidates.
  • The system will now display 'Election Results' in the navigation block with a link to a summary display (of the winning candidates only).
  • The results will continue to be displayed until the final date given by the Nominating Committee.

Privacy and integrity:
The detailed candidate profiles are only available to registered users of the website.
Candidate profiles will only be made available for properly nominated candidates.
The webmaster will remove a candidate's profile if their nomination is withdrawn.
Information is available to each candidate showing who has viewed their profile so far - and when.
The display of contact information in the candidate profiles obeys all the candidate's privacy instructions in their personal profile.
All changes to candidate profiles are logged.

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