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Description The role and responsibilities of the Vice President of Education

Vice President of Education 

The VPE is responsible for planning successful club meetings which provide each member the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals.

Specific duties:

* Schedules the agenda.

* Finds out and monitors each member's needs and schedules accordingly.

* Signs member's manuals, updates member progress charts and reports educational program completion to World Headquarters.

* Coordinates with each week's Toastmaster and provides the necessary information such as who has an assigned duty, provides email addresses for the people with upcoming duties, and gives the future Toastmaster a sample agenda to follow.

* Ensures that a new member receives orientation to Club procedures and the Toastmasters educational programme and is assigned a Mentor if desired.

* In the absence of the President, the VPE presides at Club and Committee meetings.

* Goes to autumn and/or spring conference to vote on District issues. Arranges a proxy if unable to attend.