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Business Breakfast Toastmasters Club (BBC)

Business Breakfast Toastmasters Club (BBC) is a fun, friendly and supportive club in central Wellington,  New Zealand.

Everyone tells us how much they enjoy our meetings and how friendly and welcoming we are - come along and see for yourself! Click the "Be a guest at our next meeting!" thumbs up in the right hand column.


See more about our club at http://www.bbctoastmasters.org.nz


Club News

Hi everyone!

We have had a great start to the New Year with two fantastic, energetic and fun meetings.  We have had a number of guests who look like becoming members (we look forward to introducing them on this page soon!) and so there is a lot of enthusiasm. We also have two competitions coming up shortly  - our evaluation one which needs NO prep (!) on 24 Feb.  And our 'international one' on 10th March which could see you off shore (Vegas I think but I will confirm later!) if you go through the ranks and win across NZ.  This is not impossible - on of our active club members, Sanjiv, has done just this!  So think about an inspiring/funny topic and give it a go.  We are also looking for volunteers to organise these competitions so please volunteer - it's a great way to rack up 'ticks' in your leadership manuals.

That's it from me, till later



Fantastic Area Table Topics competition this morning where we were proudly repped by Kris and Ben - who took out 1st and 2nd place respectively.  The standard of speeches was very high so it was a particular credit to them that they did so well.  They both had extremely well structured speeches with their particular brands of humour thrown in for good measure as they argued why we should abolish the current flag.  Excellent work and good luck to Kris who will go on to represent the Area at the next level.


What a fantastic way to start a Tuesday morning! BBC hosted the Area E2 Humourous Contest on Tuesday 9 September and we had a packed room of toastmasters eager to listen to 7 humorous speeches from the 4 Breakfast Clubs. 

I'm especially pleased to announce that our President, Susan Freeman-Greene took 2nd place with her hilarious speech "Fear of flying". Susan had the audience in stitches throughout her 7 minute speech.

A big thank you to Sarndra for chairing and organising the contest and everyone who helped to make this event such a success.


Why join Business Breakfast Toastmasters?

Business Breakfast Toastmasters Club (BBC) can help you to get over your fear of public speaking. We can help you prepare for a speech at a special occasion or extend your existing speaking skills.

5 excellent reasons to join our club

  1. Improvement: you will soon see a significant improvement in your public speaking skills
  2. Central: we meet in central Wellington, close to most businesses and with free parking right outside.
  3. Energy: our meetings are energetic, fun and welcoming.
  4. Support: we are a safe and supportive place to learn and improve your speaking skills.
  5. Strength: we are a strong and well run club, in existence since 1993.

5 more excellent reasons to join

  1. We have something for everyone! with members ranging from beginners to accomplished speakers.
  2. Our morning meetings mean a great start to your day.
  3. We support each other to reach our goals and to make our club the success it is.
  4. We regularly receive the highest club performance awards and have produced two New Zealand Champions since 2008.
  5. We are a member of Toastmasters International – a worldwide non-profit educational programme that works on the principal of learning by doing.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership costs NZ$15 per month.
New members pay also pay a joining fee of $40

Come along to a meeting!

We meet every Tuesday 7am – 8am at St Johns in the City Conference Centre

Click the "Be a guest at our next meeting" thumbs up in the right hand column.


Find out more on our website : http://www.bbctoastmasters.org.nz


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