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Competition in toastmasters

After being in Toastmasters for almost 13 years, I competed.  I have been a helper, a judge, and a chief judge.

Competing is more fun. The Evaluation contest was easier because I have evaluated before. It did not require as much preparation time.

International. was much harder. I did not feel as prepared as I could have been. I did have a topic I was passionate about and that made it.

I came in 2nd in Evaluation and 1st in International. I went home feeling very proud of myself.

Rhealyn Samuelson

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Posted: Denton, 01 Mar 20, 18:41 by Rhealyn Samuelson    Comments:

Pathways 101

This is my third installment of my foray into blogging.

Pathways is the way in Toastmasters now. There are eleven paths to choose from. Once you have joined Toastmasters, and Denton Toastmasters specifically, you will have begun a great adventure. Step one is to choose a path. Toastmasters International has a great questionaire to help with that. I always encourage asking questions. If you are like me and technologically challenged, asking questions is a great way to start.

After choosing your path, know that every path starts the same. There are three projects in level...

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Posted: Denton, 02 Dec 19, 16:06 by Rhealyn Samuelson    Comments:


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