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Thank you for your interest in Toastmasters and hopefully for visiting our club!

Our members have interests ranging from microbes to outer space, and topics in between like gardening, sports, human rights and Shakespeare. We talk about them all, and a whole lot more! Although our individual passions vary, our common purpose is personal growth, taking risks, and challenge.

We are all nervous about public speaking. To improve self-esteem and develop leadership potential, we must overcome this fear. Toastmasters provides a safe environment for public speaking with encouraging support. It is an organized and incremental program designed to broaden our abilities in public speaking at our own pace. We also have FUN while we are at it!

If you are thinking about joining Toastmasters, think about what Johann Goethe said: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Joining a Toastmasters Club can open a world of possibilities and opportunities.


What will happen to me, as a guest, at the club?

A club member will greet you when you enter the boardroom and ask you to sign our guest book. If time permits, they will ask you a few questions so that they can introduce you to the club when the meeting begins. Alternately, if time is short, you will be asked to introduce yourself.

Choose any vacant seat, except at the ends of the table, and make yourself comfortable. Our meetings normally follow a standard format, and you will find an agenda for the meeting at every seat. Guests are not expected to participate in meetings, although you may if you wish. You may be asked for your impressions of the meeting prior to adjournment, time permitting.

You are welcome to submit an application for membership in Trestle Toastmasters after attending a meeting(s) or whenever you feel comfortable to join the club, using the attached application located in "Public Download" Section.

Club fees are $42 for initial registration,plus $72 every six months. Members receive almost 50 one-hour meetings per year, access to the online Pathways learning experience and a monthly subscription to the Toastmaster magazine. The fee will be prorated if you apply during a six-month interval.

If you have any questions, ask any member; he or she will be happy to assist.


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