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January 5th Meeting Summary

Talk of the Town appreciated Edward for being the first chairperson of the year. He chose the topic of appreciation for the meeting’s theme and we learned of gifts for which many members were appreciative.  When speaking, Elena encouraged us to use the word of the day, “grateful”, which many members did. Some members utilized the word multiple times during the meeting. The theme for the speeches was the upcoming club speech contest which is being held on January 19, 2021. Frances spoke about the team she is leading to run the club contest and Jim spoke about what is involved to hold an online...

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LABELS:  JANUARY 5TH,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  2021,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TALK OF THE TOWN,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TOASTMASTERS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  APPRECIATION,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df
Posted: Talk of the Town, 10 Jan 21, 21:35 by Frances-tott    Comments:

January 5th 2021 Meeting Preview

January 5, 2021 will be Talk of the Town’s first meeting of the new year! To start the year on a good note, we have an enthusiastic Edward as our chairperson with the theme: appreciation. We will hear what appreciation means to everyone and how enthusiastic they were when they received their favourite gift during the holidays. Two of our speakers will be Frances and Jim.  To hear what Edward has to say about the theme and what the speakers, who are excited to share their speeches, have to say, join the Talk of the Town meeting on Tuesday from 12:00 pm-1:15 pm.  Happy New Year! 

LABELS:  JANUARY 5,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df 2021,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TALK OF THE TOWN TOASTMASTERS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  APPRECIATION,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df
Posted: Talk of the Town, 04 Jan 21, 14:01 by Frances-tott    Comments:

Dec 15th Meeting Summary

We had a festive Christmas meeting last Tuesday. Frances started us off by mentioning why she chose the theme and throughout the meeting we learned the different ways members celebrate Christmas. Malcolm, Edward and Alma all performed meaningful speeches about Christmas. Malcolm spoke of celebrating Christmas around the world, Edward talked about Boxing Day and Alma shared insight about resolutions we make because of new beginnings at the start of a new year. This December 15th meeting was our last meeting of the year and we ended it with a bang. If you are interested in...

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LABELS:  DEC 15,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df 2020,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TALK OF THE TOWN,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  MEETING,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df
Posted: Talk of the Town, 20 Dec 20, 16:22 by Frances-tott    Comments:

Dec 15,2020 meeting preview
LABELS:  DEC 15,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df 2020,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TALK OF THE TOWN,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  MEETING,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df
Posted: Talk of the Town, 14 Dec 20, 15:53 by Frances-tott    Comments: 0
Dec 8th Meeing Summary
LABELS:  DEC 8TH,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  2020,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  TALK OF THE TOWN TOASTMASTERS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df  MEETING SUMMARY,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df
Posted: Talk of the Town, 12 Dec 20, 14:08 by Frances-tott    Comments: 0
December 8th,2020 Meeting Preview
LABELS:  DECEMBER 8TH,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df 2020,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TOASTMASTERS,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df TALK OF THE TOWN,&sid=23b13257ca43e3bdb98e3b3c700d22df
Posted: Talk of the Town, 07 Dec 20, 01:05 by Frances-tott    Comments: 0

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