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Getting started on Easy-Speak.org

"How-to" tips re Easy-speak.org website: (you are welcome to send me any suggested additions to these tips, so I can keep them up-to-date and we can share them with new members -Jean Sorensen, past Vice President of  Education for  Constellation Toastmasters.

Here are some tips to get you started on using the Easy-Speak.org web site.  All the essential steps for members are contained in this email.

 Log in:  (Top left corner.)  Your initial log-in name is usually your first name, followed by the first letter of your last name. Or try it with a dot between them. (if not, email Doug Cooper to see what name he gave you (go up to the burgundy banner, to "This Club" and on the drop-down list, find "This Club - officers", and email Doug Cooper). For example, John Smith's login name is "John.S" and his password is josm (the first two letters of both his first name and last name).  You can check the "remember my password" box as you are logging in.  (It won't remember your password if you log in from a different computer.)  Once you are in, you can change your name and password to something easier to remember, if you like.  You'd click on "Profile", which is near the right of the red banner across the top. 

 Log out:  When you finish your session, click "Log out", which is in yellow font at the very right of the red banner across the top.

 Future attendance:  Please help the organizers of future meetings by  indicating whether you'll be attending each of the next five or so upcoming meetings.  To do this, click on "Sign up for meetings" either in the drop-down list under "My Participation" on the red banner or over on the left-hand information window.  Each of the future meetings is shown in a separate column under its date, which is in green font.  Just click on Y or N for Yes or No (or on "?" if your participation at a meeting is in doubt).  If you want to see meetings farther into the future than are currently shown, look at the drop-down box called "Range" on the top right of this view.  Click on the down-arrow and select your desired grouping of dates.

 To accept a meeting role:  While you are in the above view, if both the thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons are in colour beside the role that is being offered to you, you can click on the one you desire - either accept or decline the role. At the top of each column (meeting) be sure you have clicked to confirm your intended attendance at the upcoming meeting.  At the top right of this view is a printer icon so you can print out this page and take it to the meeting, if you like.

 Cancel a meeting role: To let the meeting organizer know you are no longer able to do a role that had been assigned to you, click on "My Participation" on the red banner and select "Sign up for meetings".  The next few meetings will be shown, with the meeting''s date in green font at the top of each column.  Any roles assigned to you will have a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down icon beside them.  If the thumbs-up icon is grey it means you have already accepted this role.  If you want to decline, you click on the red "thumbs-down icon.

 Sign up for meeting roles:  Click on "My Participation" on the red banner and select "Sign up for meetings". from the drop-down list. To sign up for meeting roles, you can click on the thumbs-up icon beside your name if you see this on the screen for a future meeting.  Meeting organizers will be randomly assigning upcoming roles in the near future for upcoming meetings.  Or, if you would like to request that you be assigned to a certain role, send an email to Doug Cooper, asking him to slot you in.  (If you want to see meetings farther into the future than are currently shown, look at the drop-down box called "Range" on the top right of this view.  Click on the down-arrow and select your desired grouping of dates.)

 Sign up for speeches: To request to do a future speech, click on "Request a Speech" in the left-hand navigation window.  You'll need to enter information on each of the three tabs across the top of this section by clicking on each tab in succession, as follows:

  • Tab re "Title".  Ensure you are in the first tab, called "Title", and either insert the speech's title or "TBA" for "To be announced" in the appropriate space. On the same tab, if you like, you can type a brief introduction that you'd like the Toastmaster to give to your speech.  This is optional. You should bring the introduction with you to the meeting.
  • Tab re "Workbook/Speech".  On this tab, click on the name of the workbook you are working in.  It is likely already listed in the table.  When you click on it, a list of the ten speeches in that book comes up, so you can select which one you are requesting a date for.  E.g. you have clicked on the Competent Communicator book , and then you select speech #4.  A black dot appears beside speech #4.
  • Tab re "Preferred Dates". On this third tab, future meetings are listed, by date.  On three of the different meeting dates, you need to left click to put a black dot beside your first, second and third choices of dates when you'd like to give the speech.  If you select a date for first choice and immediately want to change to a different one, just click on the different date for first choice, and the first date you clicked on will be erased.
  • IMPORTANT Before exiting from this window, go to the top right of the window and click on "Save".  The program, and the meeting organizers, will now schedule your speech for an upcoming meeting.

To sign up to do another future speech, simply repeat the above process for each speech you want to plan.

 View future meetings:  To view everyone's roles at a series of past and future meetings, displayed in a table, click on the red banner's "This Club", then on "Participation Chart" in the drop-down menu.  Beside each person's name it shows the date they last attended and what their role was in the past few meetings and the next few.

 While you are viewing this table, if you want to switch to any of the other tables under the red banner heading "This Club", you can use the "Chart" drop-down box at the top left of the table, which allows you to select any of the other "views" of this table.  A useful view (especially for meeting planners) is called "Roles by Member", which shows a table of the next 8 or so (your choice) upcoming meetings, showing all the roles and who is scheduled for each of them (or blanks where no-one is scheduled). Meeting planners (or anyone) can click on "Printable" (at the right) to be able to bring the printed table to a meeting.  Planners can verbally confirm people's future roles at the meeting, filling in any blanks in pen and entering them in the program after the meeting.

 To view videos about how to use the web site, you can copy and paste this address https://easy-speak.org/portal.php?page=130 into your browser.  A number of sequential How To videos may be viewed.  They are arranged side-by-side on the web page so you can click the "play" arrow on each one by moving your cursor to each arrow.  To make them larger for viewing, you can go to the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of your web browser screen and select a higher number, such as switching from 100% to 200%.  When finished viewing the videos, you can switch back to the original setting.

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