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Recap for 13th July2012

Hi All,

Well we had our first 7:10am start on Friday and it did make a big difference!

Getting to the venue was easier, being ready to start on time was easier and the meeting flowed easier – so a good idea.

Unfortunately Daniel was a last minute cancellation so we only had the one formal speaker Stu. However Stu, as he does so often, made up for Daniel’s loss with a really interesting preview of Windows 8 software. Stu made the technical easy to understand and the possibilities of Windows 8 plain to see to all – very good! Stu did Shanghai the word of the day though.

Table Topics took a philosophical twist thanks to Fleur. Fleur’s speakers were-

Raghu – gave us a powerful reason for why not trying was far worse than failing

Darrell – vacillated over whether to defend one friend against the criticism of three others. He was still vacillating at the end of the meeting.

Scott – closed the door to let us in on his Billion dollar idea. Heard of ‘safe sex’? Scott has a plan for ‘safe text’.

Pramod – was asked if “we are all going to die in the next 24 hours who would you see with the time left?” Pramod quite correctly chose the nearest of his dearest given the time constraints.  Mind you with SKYPE you could reach the farthest of you dearest as well.

Susan – “when is it insanity and when creativity” - surprisingly she bought her Mum and Dad into the story! But don’t worry they were creativity.

A very entertaining session. Now to next week.

This coming week I will do an educational ‘the power of words’ in lieu of formal speakers. I did try to schedule speeches but except for Brigitte, who is away, me and Daniel, who are not ready, there were no requests to process.

The Educational is one that I do at Speechcraft courses.

We’ will also have a longer TT.

I have already assigned roles for the meeting so some of you will get Easy Speak ‘you have been assigned..’ emails in adition to this.

See you Friday



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