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Distinguished Points

'Leadership is doing great'!!

As you can see, Leadership is doing great against the well established Tokyo club.

We, Leaderhip, will match Tokyo by June 23rd and reach 'President Distinguished Club'

Currently we are 'Select Distinguished'.

How? With all your help. It's a team effort.

We have 2 candidates ready to finish their CC manuals in the next two meetings.

They are both working very diligently to complete their final projects.

Lets encourage them both when we see them this Saturday.

Akihiro Iizuka and Asami Miyazaki. We are so proud of you both.

Leadership got 15 new members this year Tokyo got 8. Yeaaah, Leadership.

Thanks to Shiano Oyama and all members bringing new members.

 A Huge thanks to the New Members for joining our Fabulous Club.

All new members contributed to our points so Thank you all.

We finished 2 CC Awards, Tokyo the same. 

Our CC Champions were Chikako Koike and Asuka Kato, Congratulations.

One Competent Leadership Point came from Drian Von Golden

And we still have our Candidates for the next CL as Hidemitsu Takeba, Takuya Ochiai and Kazunori Sasaki.

Lets encourage them to complete their last two CL projects.

 We also got an Advanced Communicator Silver Award from Drian Von Golden.

And our Officers Attended training to get us those points.

Also, our Officer Team submitted reports on time to fulfill another point.

This task fell to Shiano Oyama, Chikako Koike, Akihiro Izuka and  Eiichi Nakazawa.

They handled all of the neccessary Logistic Operations of our Club.

As a Powerful Team Leadership has worked together to achieve greatness.

I say 'Thanks to you all.





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