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easy-Speak Software updates

There have been several new features added to easy-Speak recently:

An option in the Club control Panel to display the last 3 years DCP results on the club's directory page and the most recent year on the top of the printed agenda.
Information is extracted automatically from toastmasters.org each night (Thanks to George Marshall for that) 

A new web-part available for clubs to add to their portal pages  which will display up to ten years results in the Distinguished Club Plan

An option when adding a meeting location to define the new location as 'virtual'...

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Posted: Site-wide posting, 27 Sep 13, 17:24 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

Upcoming Marketing Workshop 2/4/13

Welcome to February!


District 55 is hosting an amazing opportunity to learn more about these great digital tools that Mark and myself have touched on in our club meetings!


Crystal Dyer and myself will be presenting a workshop covering the benefits of marketing yourself and your toastmasters club online. We will also cover the different tools that are at your disposal to do so including Facebook, Easy Speak, Twitter, and ever your very own website!!


I am listing the details as well as the link to the event on Eventbrite where...

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Posted: Business & Professional Toastmasters, 01 Feb 13, 15:20 by Chris Johnson    Comments:

Welcome to 2013

Greetings and Salutations!

We have survived the 'Myan Apocolypse' and have hit the new year at full speed! As of January 1st, Business and Professional Toastmasters welcome our new slate of officers. They are:


President - Doug Kelly

VP Education - Mark Jannasch

VP Membership - Mike Johnson

VP Public Relations - Chris Johnson

Secretary/Treasurer - Elaine Miller

Seargant-At-Arms - Rebecca Kary


All of our Officers attended the District 55 TLI and have been trained in their position(s)....

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LABELS:  RESOLUTION,&sid=5f3a4087ea4cc7213227d2bc4f67d9e5  NEW YEAR,&sid=5f3a4087ea4cc7213227d2bc4f67d9e5  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=5f3a4087ea4cc7213227d2bc4f67d9e5  ACHIEVEMENT,&sid=5f3a4087ea4cc7213227d2bc4f67d9e5  GROWTH,&sid=5f3a4087ea4cc7213227d2bc4f67d9e5  LEADERSHIP,&sid=5f3a4087ea4cc7213227d2bc4f67d9e5
Posted: Business & Professional Toastmasters, 26 Jan 13, 00:17 by Chris Johnson    Comments:


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