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   garbage    (noun) gar-bij
   limn    (verb) LIM
   euro    (noun) yu-ro
   degust    (verb) di-GUST
   topical    (adjective) TOP-i-kul
   copacetic or copasetic    (adjective) co-pa-SET-ik
   pedantic    (adjective) pid-ANT-ik
   hagiography    (noun) hag-i-OG-ra-fi
   friable    (adjective) FRY-able
   scurrilous    (adjective) SKU-ri-lus
   parsimony    (noun) PAR-si-mn-i
   epicene    (adjective) E-pi-seen
   perambulation    (noun) pur-am-byu-LAY-shun
   benighted    (adjective) be-NITE-id
   clandestine    (adjective) klan-DES-tin
   peregrination    (noun) per-ee-grin-A-shun
   languish    (verb) LAN-gwish
   rootle    (verb) ROO-tul
   spinnaker    (noun) SPIN-a-kr
   palisade    (noun) pa-lis-AID
   panacea    (noun) pan-er-SEE-er
   ratiocinate    (verb) ra-shi-O-si-nate
   nepotism    (noun) NE-pt-is-um
   torpid    (adjective) TOR-pid
   moniker    (noun) MON-ik-a
   omerta    (noun) o-MER-ta
   churlish    (adjective) TCHERL-ish
   scuzz    (noun) SKUZ
   strobic    (adjective) STRO-bik
   diplomatics    (noun) dip-lo-MAT-iks
   roadkill    (noun) ROHD-kil
   feral    (adjective) FER-ul
   banjax    (verb) BAN-jaks
   furlough    (noun) FUR-lo
   jejune    (adjective) ji-JOON
   thole    (verb) THOLE
   bathos    (noun) BAY-thos
   incandescent    (adjective) in-kan-DESS-ent
   rhotacism    (noun) RO-ta-siz-m
   threnody    (noun) THREN-o-dee
   calumny    (noun) KAL-um-ni
   footle    (verb) FOO-tul
   invidious    (adjective) in-VID-i-us
   waqf    (noun) WOKF
   cherub    (noun) CHE-rb
   nemesis    (noun) NEM-a-sis
   orology    (noun) o-ROL-o-gee
   stotious (or stocious)    (adjective) STO-shus
   posset    (noun and verb) POSS-it
   megrims    (noun) ME-grims
   garrulous    (adjective) GARR-o-lus
   caboodle    (noun) ka-BOO-dul
   dedal (also daedal)    (adjective) DEE-dl
   psephology    (noun) sef-OL-o-jee
   chasmogamic    (adjective) kaz-mo-GAM-ik
   numinous    (adjective) NYOO-min-us
   germane    (adjective) jer-MAYN
   cynosure    (noun) SY-no-syur
   prognosis    (noun) prog-NO-sis
   persiflage    (noun) PUR-si-flaj
   mordant    (adjective) MOR-dant
   Gadarene    (adjective) GAD-a-reen

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