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Archive for December 2019
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   hegemony    (noun) heg-EM-o-nee or hej-EM-o-nee
   flighty    (adjective) FLY-tee
   paradigm    (noun) PARR-a-dime
   hinky    (adjective) HING-ki
   eschew    (verb) ess-CHOO
   noisome    (adjective) NOY-sum
   prolix    (adjective) PRO-liks or pro-LIKS
   fortuitous    (adjective) for-TYU-i-tus or for-TOO-i-tus
   esoteric    (adjective) ee-so-TER-ik
   heinous    (adjective) HAY-nus or HEE-nus
   eclectic    (adjective) ee-KLEK-tik
   stultify    (verb) STULT-ee-fy
   merrythought    (noun) MAIR-ee-thort
   vapid    (adjective) VA-pid
   deleterious    (adjective) de-li-TEER-i-us
   maudlin    (adjective) MORD-lin
   expatiate    (verb) ex-PAY-shee-ate
   putative    (adjective) PTU-ta-tiv
   Panglossian    (adjective) pan-GLOS-i-un
   boilerplate    (adjective and noun) BOY-ler-playt
   mien    (noun) MEEN
   hortatory    (adjective) HORT-u-tury

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