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Archive for February 2018
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   pusillanimous    (adjective) poo-sil-AN-ee-mus
   ethereal    (adjective) eth-EER-ee-al
   hedonistic    (adjective) hee-don-ISS-tik
   esurient    (adjective) ee-SYUR-ee-ent or ee-SUR-ee-ent
   kermis or kermiss    (noun) KUR-mis
   jobsworth    (noun and adjective) JOBZ-werth
   arch    (adjective) ARCH
   spurious    (adjective) SPIUR-i-us
   unwonted    (adjective) un-WONN-tid
   sally    (noun and verb) SAL-ee
   vicarious    (adjective) vi-KAIR-i-us OR vie-KAIR-i-us
   vestigial    (adjective) ves-TI-jul
   lugubrious    (adjective) loo-GOO-bree-us
   myopia    (noun) my-O-pi-ur
   whinge    (verb) WINJ
   cabal    (noun) ke-BARL
   cant    (noun) KANNT
   epitome    (noun) i-PIT-u-mee
   vitiate    (verb) VI-shee-ayt
   succumb    (verb) su-KUM
   desultory    (adjective) DES-ul-ta-ree
   inimical    (adjective) in-IM-ik-ul
   doughty    (adjective) DOW-tee
   subterfuge    SUB-ta-fyuj
   seminal    (adjective) SEM-in-ul
   recreant    (noun and adjective) REK-ree-unt
   picaresque    (noun and adjective) pik-uh-RESK
   pejorative    puh-JOR-uh-tiv

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