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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Wednesday 17th January 2018
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vapid (adjective) VA-pid

Dull, lacking strength or flavour, insipid, flat.

The highway sequences are OK, but the miles of vapid dialogue in between are so dull that 'Pulp Fiction' fans may want to pretend that 'Death Proof' never happened.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent, 13 January 2008. The Independent

As a young woman, Ethel is beautiful and wears the most heavenly dresses (there, I thought of something nice to say) but is entirely vapid, as is Teddy.

Deborah Ross, The Spectator, 2 January 2008. The Spectator

Hitchens is nothing if not provocative. Creationists are “yokels,” Pascal’s theology is “not far short of sordid,” the reasoning of the Christian writer C. S. Lewis is “so pathetic as to defy description,” Calvin was a “sadist and torturer and killer,” Buddhist sayings are “almost too easy to parody,” most Eastern spiritual discourse is “not even wrong,” Islam is “a rather obvious and ill-arranged set of plagiarisms,” Hanukkah is a “vapid and annoying holiday,” and the psalmist King David was an “unscrupulous bandit.”

Anthony Gottlieb, The New Yorker, 21 May 2007, The New Yorker
reviewing Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Amazon

Commercial comedy appears to be on the rise, so much so that some in the ad business have begun to complain about a profusion of vapid work that neither induces mirth nor sells products.

Randall Rothenberg, The New York Times, 8 August 1989. New York Times

Razorlight's nadir is a vapid, pompous ballad called 'America' which muses that there's 'nothing on the radio to believe in'.

Kitty Empire, The Observer, 16 July 2006. The Observer

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