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Friday 29th November 2019
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egregious (adjective) ee-GREE-jus

Outrageous, conspicuously bad or offensive, notorious.

She had, apparently, spent little of the money on herself, had been a dependable benefactress of the few eccentric charities of which she approved, had remembered them in her will, but without egregious generosity, and had left the residue of her estate to him without explanation, admonition or peculiar protestations of affection, although he had no doubt that the words 'my dearly beloved nephew' meant exactly what they said.

P. D. James, Devices and Desires. Amazon

With this view he frequented public walks, concerts, and assemblies, became remarkably rich and fashionable in his clothes, gave entertainments to the ladies, and was in the utmost hazard of turning out a most egregious coxcomb.

Tobias Smollett, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, vol. 1. Amazon

Lewald convinced the world through a mixture of brazen denial of the facts, the cosmetic removal of the most egregious examples of racial propaganda and the tokenistic consideration of a couple of Jews for Olympic selection.

Jonathan Beckman, The Observer, 16 July 2006, Observer
reviewing Guy Walters' Berlin Games: How Hitler Stole the Olympic Dream. Amazon

In other words, while it may make you think about food, and the egregious effect its consumption can have on your body, your habits will probably remain stubbornly the same.

Rachel Cooke, The Observer, 21 August 2005, Observer
reviewing William Leith's The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict. Amazon

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