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Area Governor Report

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Joined Date: 2008-11-26, 13:31
Posts: 9
Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Post Post subject Area Governor Report   Posted 07 Feb 12, 12:39    Reply with quote

Hi Team,

I saw on your wishlist that you will be working on a Area Governor Report ... couldn't find a post to which I could append, so here here is how I see the report.

Heartbeat and O2 saturation are the most important live parameters ...
Meeting frequency and member participation are the live parameters of a Toastmasters Club ..

Below mock-up shows the date the meetings took place and number of members that attended and excused.
Irregular patterns in the meetings indicated a meeting got cancelled or lack of interest which may require the AG attention
Meetings with less then 10 members attending could indicate a problem as well - if of course 10 said they couldn't attend that day there was not that much of a problem.
Grey bar indicates the club is not (yet) using e-S meeting management .. teasing the Area Gov for a persuasive speech ..
As you see we have two clubs who recently started using e-S

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Site Admin

Joined Date: 2011-01-18, 21:15
Posts: 89

Post Post subject Re: Area Governor Report   Posted 07 Feb 12, 17:34    Reply with quote

OK - good stuff I see where you are going here.  I like your suggestion of the two main parameters for club health.

I have some comments - mostly about how obvious the data interpretation is....so let me give some initial impressions, and then maybe we can discuss remediation....ok?

  1. The gaps don't necessarily mean that there was a missed meeting - many of your clubs look like they meet every other week - so that takes some interpretation on behlf of the reader to know if a meeting was cancelled
  2. The two dates (week starting, and date of the meeting) was at first glance confusing to me
  3. the 10Y and 7N have a couple of concerns for me -
    1. Y and N would need localizing (language) - not a major concern, but worth mentioning
    2. Difficult to discern the trend in attendance - is it downward, flat, or up?
    3. Difficult to work out percentage of attendance.  5 people declining in a club of 10 is less severe that 5 declining in a club of 30 for example.
  4. What??  You have clubs that are not on easy-Speak !! Cry
so...what would you think of some changes to your idea such as...
  1. Not showing week start dates, but showing relative meeting numbers (eg: last meeting, two meetings ago, three meetings ago etc) - so a club meeting every week would have the meeting they did two weeks ago aligned under the meeting one meeting ago for  club that meets every two weeks,
  2. put the date of the meeting as a tool tip.  Text would link to the meeting.  How important is the date anyway?
  3. I'm thinking some kind of graphical representation might work better.  I think you would need to capture the
    1. relative percent of attended veruss not attended, 
    2. the absolute size of the club
    3. the trend from month to month
  4. I like your suggestion of prompting the AG to give a Successful Club speech to clubs not using e-S !
You haven't talked about guests and new members - but  i would have thought this report would also want to capture that information too?  
Other statistics that are part of the 4 Crits, but not captured in attendance would be the number of Speches, (especially the number of CC speeches), the number of CL evaluations performed.

Paul Osborn (PMP)
Treasurer - Redmond Nights
Easy-Speak Admin & Developer

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Joined Date: 2008-11-26, 13:31
Posts: 9
Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Post Post subject Re: Area Governor Report   Posted 08 Feb 12, 12:47    Reply with quote

Hi Paul,

I have played before with the two layouts like you suggested ... the advantage of using a representation by week - we could use the week number instead of the week starting date -  is that it gives a direct visual indication of "gaps" which are easier to spot then when using dates of last meeting, two meetings ago etc.   I agree the gaps may require some interpretation like when there is a month with 5 weeks. Another problem with my representation is that we would only have up to 12 or 14 weeks displayed, which is not easy to recognize the club's "regular meeting pattern".

I do not know if the AG needs a link back to the actual meeting.  Those meetings are closed after all and do not show members who declined or were not sure to attend. I did not think about the tool tips ... that indeed opens opportunities ..

My problem with percentages is that for a good quality meeting you need a number of members .. if your club has 10 members, 80% attendance is very good but you will still have problems to fill all roles ...

I redid the report ... used blue icons for meetings with sufficient attending member, yellow for "low attendance" and grey for planned meetings ...
The grey ones give a good indication if club is planning meetings ahead.

Because clubs can name visitors "Besucher", "guests", "interested" ... it will be hard for you to distinguish "visitor type" ... so I total them up under "Others"

We could indeed duplicate the report and show in the tool tips CC speeches, other speeches, CL evaluations....

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