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Club and Officer Information 2022-2023
Club Number   Area 6, Division J, District 76
Name Ginza
Contact Information
Phone Contact
Club Website
Hosted site
  Facebook Profile
Timezone GMT + 9 Hours Ignoring Daylight-saving time
Meeting Information
Language English
Club type 1   -   Community Club
Sponsor (Not applicable)
This club is O   -   Open to all interested persons

The club no longer uses this system.
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Immediate Past President Junayu Member No. -
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(Easy-Speak ID 9398)
Officer History
Date Name Position
Junayu President
Tomohiko Inagaki Vice President - Education
Aoyamah Vice President - Membership
Eva Aoi Vice President - Public Relations
shinsaku Secretary
Eva Aoi Treasurer
Y_Kawano Sergeant at Arms
shinsaku Immediate Past President
shinsaku President
Eva Aoi Vice President - Education
YukoHonda Vice President - Membership
Tomohiko Inagaki Vice President - Public Relations
Junayu Secretary
Aoyamah Treasurer
Eva Aoi Sergeant at Arms
Tomohiko Inagaki Immediate Past President
Tomohiko Inagaki President
Y_Kawano Vice President - Education
Eva Aoi Vice President - Membership
Drian Von-Golden Vice President - Public Relations
Y_Kawano Secretary
Tomomi Takeshima Treasurer
shinsaku Sergeant at Arms
YukoHonda Immediate Past President
YukoHonda President
Tomomi Takeshima Vice President - Education
ymatsuda Vice President - Membership
Y_Kawano Vice President - Public Relations
Tomohiko Inagaki Treasurer
Eva Aoi Sergeant at Arms
Drian Von-Golden Immediate Past President
Drian Von-Golden President
Eva Aoi Vice President - Education
Paul Malone Vice President - Membership
YukoHonda Vice President - Public Relations
ymatsuda Secretary
Y_Kawano Treasurer
BinTang Sergeant at Arms
Drian Von-Golden Immediate Past President

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