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Author malcolmw Date 21 Mar 15, 17:38 Views 9413
Description Read this if you would prefer that your club use easy-Speak in a language other than English

Setting up your club in a language other than English 

The easy-Speak system was designed from the start to be multi-lingual, multi timezone, and multi club, so supporting a language of your choice is possible without re-writing any programs.

  1. The first step is to change the language defined for your club by going to the Club Control Panel and edit the Club Setup. In the Display tab, choose the default language for the club. When you change this value, you will then be offered the option to change the default language setting for all of your club members.
  2. The second step is to ensure that other club configuration information is in the club default language. This data is used on all screens and reports.
    • Your club is created by copying data from a similar club so, if your club is the first one to use a particular language, you will need to go to the club control panel, edit, translate, and then save:
      - The names of the Club Officers roles
      - The names of the Meeting Roles
      - The descriptions of the Member status
      - Any "Custom" Meeting Awards that might have been created by the club from which data was copied (note that Official TMI award names are system text)
    • If data was copied for your club from a club already using the target language, this work will most likely already be done for you.
  3. The third step is to help in the ongoing effort to have system generated text appear correctly in the club default language. Consider becoming an editor for your native language. Refer to the post entitled "Become an editor" in the forum for your language "Translation - [language]"