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Description What do I have to do?

Warm Up 

Briefly present a simple subject and ask each person in the room to talk about it for a short time (e.g. 15 seconds).

The purpose of this role is to get the meeting off to a good start and everyone present to participate.

Some example subjects:
A question to answer, a news item or quotation to comment on, a favourite item or .... demonstrate a voice excercise and get each person to try it.

Indicate very clearly who you want to speak each time - preferably introducing each attendee by name. Do not lose control and have everyone looking round wondering if it is their turn.

Anyone who does not want to speak can say 'pass'. In this event you move swiftly on without embarrassing the person who has declined to speak.

The Warm Up has proved particularly useful for new clubs, providing a gentle ice-breaking exercise for members with little previous public speaking experience.