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Author debart  Date 26 Jul 09, 09:56  Views 7123
Description Role of Parliamentarian
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The parliamentarian evaluates the performance of the Chairperson up until the end of the business portion of the agenda and the first half of the meeting. The roles and procedures that are effected by this evaluation are:

    Sergeant at Arms
    Guest Introductions
    Confirmation of agenda
    Quiz Master
    Guest Introductions
    Table Topics Masters
    The Different Business sections

Before the Meeting
Review all the roles and procedures. Below are the purposes for each of the roles you will be evaluating.

Toast: To give members a chance to learn skills in constructing and giving a toast to meet any occasion. There are six parts to a formal toast a. Greeting b. Proposal c. Body d. (Pay honour to body of toast) e. Declaration f. Response

Timer: Timing is an important part of all meetings. One of the lessons to be practiced in a speech training is that of expressing a thought within a specific time. As such it falls upon the timer to time each major section of the meeting and to time the participants. Did it start on time and end on time? Imagine the situation where a speaker is asked to speak for five minutes and they speak for 20. Equally horrifying is the speaker asked to fill 20 minutes that only talks for five minutes. The timer’s role is to keep us aware of the time during the various activities.

The Grammarian reminds us of the small slips in our speech. The Grammarian helps us to spot anomalies in our speech and eliminate them. The Grammarian is also present to help cure the annoying habit of Vocalized pauses,” using ah, uh, mmm and others. Finally the word of the week is offered as an opportunity to expand the memberships vocabulary and is also a fun way to encourage the membership to use the word of the week throughout the meeting. Therefore, it should be tied into the theme, not be obscure, yet not be too common either. When someone at the meeting uses the word of the week, the club will acknowledge its use by taps on the table.

Quizmaster: The Quizmasters tests us all on our listening skills by asking questions at the end of the meeting.

Table topics Master: Allows members the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking skills. It allows you the opportunity to practice the coordination of such an impromptu speaking session. You gain practice in picking a theme and developing suitable table topics for the members.

Chairperson: To learn the skills necessary to run an effective business meeting. Emphasis is placed on the use of parliamentary procedure to control a meeting. The Chairperson is responsible for keeping the business meeting in order.

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