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Author Forgotten User  Date 22 Sep 12, 21:23  Views 6697
Description The Greeter is responsible to warmly welcome guests and members.
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Purpose: The Greeter is responsible to warmly welcome guests and members.

Before the meeting starts

  • Arrive about 30 minutes early to be able to greet everyone

  • Receive from the Sergeant at Arms the guest name tents, guest introduction forms, and guest welcome sheets to give to any guests who come

  • Make sure there is sufficient markers and pens for guests to use to fill in their name tent and guest introduction form

  • If you can be evaluated for your role in the CL manual, specifically project 7, give your manual to a Leadership Evaluator

  • Welcome people to the meeting with a smile, with a warm hand shake, and by handing them their name tent; have guests write their name on a guest name tent, on both sides

  • Invite guests to write their information on the guest introduction form

  • Give any first time guest the guest welcome sheet

  • Ask each guest who it was who invited them to the meeting so they can introduce the guest and if that person is not there, or if the guest came on their own, find a club member who will introduce the guest at the beginning of the meeting using information on the guest introduction form

During the meeting

  • Keep an eye out for any late arriving guests; help make sure they feel welcome and that they receive a guest name tent, guest introduction form, and guest welcome sheet

  • Sit beside the Sergeant at Arms to help them near the end of the meeting when the evaluation forms, comment forms, voting ballots, and guest introduction forms get passed to them

  • Help the Sergeant at Arms by collating the evaluation forms, comment forms, and guest introduction forms as they count up the ballot votes to determine the award winners

After the meeting

  • Speak with guests about Toastmasters and the club and answer any questions that they might have, including how to become a member (you can introduce them to the Vice President - Membership or another club officer)

  • If you were evaluated for your role, pick up your CL manual from the Leadership Evaluator

  • If this document needs to be updated for any reason, contact the Vice President - Education



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