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Author Forgotten User  Date 12 Mar 13, 18:12  Views 15700
Description The role of the Quizmaster is to test the audience's listening skills
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The role of the Quizmaster is an excellent role for a new member to begin participating in club meetings immediately.

As Quizmaster your task is to create 5 or 6 questions to test the audience’s listening skills, and then ask the audience the questions you have developed. This role will non only help you develop both your listening and facilitation skills, but it also provides the opportunity for everyone at the meeting to actively practice and test their listening skills as well.

Facilitation is different from delivering a speech because you need to be comfortable standing in silence in front of an audience waiting for an answer and being in the moment.

Being in front of an audience in silence can be a bit scary at first, since a few seconds can seem like an eternity. However once you master the art of being in silence it will make you a better speaker because it will allow you to eliminate fillers like "ums" and "ahs", and get back on track if you have a short memory lapses.

Upon arrival at the meeting, have paper and pen ready to make notes. During the meeting, jot down simple questions based on what was said during the meeting.

Sample Questions:

  • Where is the area contest going to be held?

  • During Susan’s speech what was the name of her husband?

  • What award did Ross’ win?

  • Who said “_______.”?

Near the end of the meeting, you will be called to stand and conduct a short "question and answer" period. Once you are introduced, thank the your introducer (the Chairperson or General Evaluator), concisely explain your role as Quizmaster (10--15 seconds) , and then pose your questions to the entire audience.

You should allow approximately 5 to 10 seconds per question and answer. Expect the audience to rapid ly called out answer, and when you hear the correct answer do your best to acknowledge the person who answered the question. If no response is given, or all the responses given are incorrect, simply provide the answer and move onto the next question. When your time is up, briefly thank the audience for their participation and pass control of the meeting to the person who introduced you before being seated.

Tips and Other Important Points

  • The questions should be based purely on the audience’s ability to listen and pay attention.

  • It is good to ask questions on important points that were covered during the meeting. For example, "According to Hildegard's educational session, why is it important to stay on time?"

  • The questions are not about testing the audience’s skills with details, and should not be trivial, but instead should concentrate on the key points or important details made by the speakers.

  • Use your imagination to make the role both entertaining and a good review of important points covered during the meeting.

  • Challenge yourself based on your experience and skill level - for example, work with point form notes or possibly even no notes at all.

  • Relax and have fun!

  • If the meeting is running overtime, keep your report short by asking fewer questions.

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