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Author malw  Date 05 Apr 20, 18:21  Views 706
Description Detailed description, with example, of how to set up online club meetings.
Category Club Management  Type Detail Training

How to set up your online meetings

Before you start to add your online meetings to easy-Speak please consider this article and the choices that you are about to make for your club meetings:
Keep your online Zoom meeting secure  How to keep Zoom-bombers from disrupting your meeting.


I'll use the example of a Zoom meeting: http://us04web.zoom.us/j/7074012263

There are three actions to make this work for your club:

1 - You must add a new location in your Club Control Panel

    • Use a descriptive name for the meeting location and
    • Enter the base url for your chosen conferencing tool (In this example. https://zoom.com/j/ - (More explanation below )
    • Locations  An explanation of the use of locations and their maintenance in the Club Control Panel

2 - You must then edit each meeting that you want to hold online to use the new location that you just added

3 - You must then edit the agenda for that meeting again to show the call details for that specific meeting


In the Control Panel: Club Control Panel > Locations edit


Location Settings

Toastmaster club INgolSpeakers
Location Name
  Physical location    Virtual (internet meeting)    Virtual - hidden
Virtual Meetings - Meeting root url

(You will be able to add meeting-dependant information on the agenda screen)

If you do NOT welcome guests to these online meetings, use the third option 'Virtual Hidden' and the meetings will not be listed in the calendar with other online meetings if the user is not already connected to your club.

Non-members of your club may contact you via the website and asked to be given access. (as 'Visiting Toastmaster', 'Special Guest' or whatever satus you have created in your club).

If you select the normal option 'Virtual (internet meeting)' the meeting will be displayed to guests but only logged in users of easy-Speak will see the link to your online meeting. 



Edit the meeting(s) concerned and change the venue to use the new venue you just created 

 You will then have additional choices on the agenda screen....


Meeting Edit (VPE permissions)


Meet online:   Click here to join meeting 7074012263  Edit meeting link:  us04web.zoom.us/j/   (text  )
Meeting Theme 


  Add Member Print name badges Agenda E-mail
This is an online meeting, click here to get the date and time at your location
Toastmaster Meeting: #45 - 2 Hours, 0 Mins
Print detail agenda Print Agenda
  Accept   Please click if you would like to attend this meeting  


Enter ONLY the call reference in the 'Edit meeting link' box. The rest of the url must come from the location that you entered in the Control Panel. Put some text into the narrative text (for Zoom that is likely to be the reference number again)

We strongly recommend that you set your Zoom meetings with a password.
If you have done that you must enter the meeting ID and the password into the meeting link box. See example below.

There are THREE 'Save buttons on the agenda screen. All of them are enabled when you enter the call reference and any one of them will save the details of the meeting.

What a user sees - Meeting View


Meet online:   Click here to join meeting 7074012263  Meeting Theme Reden im Beruf   Last on-line changes in 4 Days, 9 Hours, 33 Mins
This is an online meeting, click here to get the date and time at your location
Toastmaster Meeting: #45 - 2 Hours, 0 Mins
Print Agenda
  Accept   Please click if you would like to attend this meeting  





The full URL for the meeting will be: http://us04web.zoom.us/j/7074012263?pwd=Nk9uVlc3TElUOEpwNXltZldkY3NKZz09

That is made up of two parts:

The two pieces are concatenated to produce the clickable link shown above


Another example using GoToMeeting software

The full url for the meeting will be: global.gotomeeting.com/join/345023973

That is made up of two parts:

  1. The base url: global.gotomeeting.com/join/ which is the same for all meetings and MUST BE saved in the Control Panel
  2. A meeting identity which is specific for each meeting: 345023973 which is entered for each meeting


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