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Author malcolmw  Date 09 Apr 19, 10:41  Views 21604
Description Changing the Agenda to suit a particular meeting
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Editing the Agenda

The agenda for each meeting is created by copying the template that best matches this meeting (for example 'three speeches').

You may create new templates or replace old ones if your club decides to change the normal structure of its meetings.
Once you have been using the system for a while you will have pre-prepared templates that suit your normal meetings and are unlikely to need to edit the meeting agenda to any large degree.

Do not use this screen to enter speech titles or correct speech timings on the agenda.
Any changes to speeches should be made from the 'Allocate Speeches' screen which allows the VP-E to click on the title of a speech and edit it. Any changes made to speeches in this way are copied into the agenda automatically with the correct timings for the assignment.
The title that the member (or the VP-E) gave to the speech when they created or edited it is used to report the member's speech history. Any changes that you made to speeches using the agenda screen are ignored.

To change the Agenda for a Meeting
Ensure that you are logged in to the system.
Use the calendar to select the meeting that you wish to edit.

At the left of the screen, at the same level as the Meeting Date you will see a button to edit the agenda.

If the button is not visible, either:
You have not yet created the agenda https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=32
You do not have system authority to edit the agenda. Please refer to Knowledgebase article on Club Officers.

The first screen presents an overview of the meeting agenda showing the Role, Event description and the Timing for each item.
You may use this screen to insert a new item, move an item up or down, to delete it or to select it for edit.
You may also make mass changes to the sequence of items by free-typing over the 'order' and then pressing the button "Save new sort order and remove entries marked 'X'". Items with an 'X' in the sort order will all be deleted and everything else re-sorted and re-numbered.
To add a new item in the agenda you should click on the   icon at the far left of the screen - a new item will be added just above that line.

(Hint - If you hover with your mouse over any graphic or button in easy-Speak you will see a short tip giving you more information about what the button does)

When you create a new item, or edit an existing one, the detail screen is shown and you should complete the following fields:

Role Use the pull-down to select one of the roles that you have defined for your club (e.g. 'Timekeeper')

Repeat This field shows on the screen if the role may repeat - for example 'Speaker' or 'Evaluator' where the same role will be performed by several different people during a meeting.
For roles which repeat you must use the pull-down to show which person has been assigned to each item on the agenda.
If you do not want to print '1st Speaker' etc on the agenda you may use the Club Control Panel and select the option 'Hide repeat' for the role.

Event Use this field to say what the action is for this item (e.g. 'Report Topic times')

Green, Amber, Red Use the pull-downs to select the times that will be printed on the agenda. (If you only want a time printed in one heading choose zero for the other fields.)

Duration Use the pull-down to select the expected running time for this item. This field is used to calculate the running times but is not printed anywhere.

Print the start time for this item Click on 'No' if the start time will never be printed for this item (e.g. Competition Vote Counters or Reserve Speakers who you wish to list on bottom of the agenda)
Click on 'Yes' if a start time will always be printed for this item (e.g. 'Open the Meeting' or 'Break')
Click on 'Detail Agenda only' for items which will only show a start time on the detail form of agenda that you print for the TME or Timekeeper.
Print this item on the summary agenda Click on 'Yes' if this item is to be printed on the summary form of agenda used by club members. Click on 'No' if this item is only to be printed on the detail form of agenda used as a script by the Timekeeper and the Toastmaster for the Meeting.

Print spacer after this line Click on 'Yes' if you want a feint horizontal line printed afer this item. For example, the line BEFORE the 'break', the line FOR the 'break' and the line for 'End of meeting'

When you have completed the detail changes to a line you will be returned to the overview page.
From here you may return to the meeting by clicking on the screen title 'Edit Agenda' at the top of the screen.

Give careful consideration to how many of your agenda lines will be printed on the summary agenda.

It is very helpful for an inexperienced Toastmaster or Timekeeper to have a fully detailed agenda to use as a script.
However, you do not need to have all the detail such as 'Introduce next speaker', 'One minute for comment slips' etc etc printed on the summary agenda that will be used by members and guests.
You may wish to keep the summary agenda so that it fits on one side of A4 paper (with attendance and details of the next meeting printed on the back)

If you plan to have some fun with a meeting in reverse order (suddenly the General Evaluator role will become very popular!) you may click on the 'Reverse all items in this agenda' button at the bottom of the screen.

Saving this agenda as a template

If you have made changes to the agenda that you will use in the future for other meetings you should save this new version of the meeting agenda as a template.
There is a section at the bottom of the overview screen called 'Create or replace a template based on this agenda'.

(If this is not shown you do not have system authority to edit the templates. Please refer to Knowledgebase article on Club Officers. https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=28)

Either use the pull-down to select an existing template name and then click on the 'Replace' button
Type in a new template name and then click on the 'New Template' button

If you wish to save this agenda and re-name an existing template:
Select the template that you wish to replace, type in the new name and click on the 'Replace' button.

If you wish to delete a template:
Select the template that you wish to delete and click on the 'Delete' button.

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