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Author malcolmw  Date 23 Nov 20, 12:40  Views 7117
Description How to use the 'Actual' screen to record actual attendance and roles.
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Recording what actually happened

Recording actual attendance, roles, speeches and awards.

Print the Checklist report prior to the meeting and note on it any meeting roles that have been evaluated for CL.
(I give that report to the SAA, ask them to fill in the details for CL and the 'Best...' and give it back to me at the end of the meeting)
During the meeting I suggest that you use your copy of the agenda with its attendance list to note any changes from plan.

After the meeting, go back to the agenda screen and use the left side to record any unexpected attendance or no-shows and the right side to record any changes to role assignment.

Enter any awards for Best Table Topic, Best Speaker etc by selecting from the drop-down.

If you have a role assigned to someone who has not confirmed their attendance there is a system default to say that "if they did the role they must have attended". For a hybrid meeting the assumption is that they attended online. For any other type of meeting they are assumed to have been there in person.

Use the check-box to indicate any leadership role that was completed during the meeting (this will update the leadership chart automatically)

Use of the screen is identical before and after the meeting except that permission to use the screen after the meeting may be set differently. There are options in the Club Control Panel > Club Settings screen that manage this.

Once you have clicked on the 'Close' button no further changes are possible to the planned agenda. So, if you were told of non-attendance prior to the meeting but did not correct the agenda you should make this change prior to pressing the button.

If someone said that they would not attend - but then arrived and took a meeting role or won best Table Topic etc you will need to change their attendance and save this to make their name available on the right side of the screen.

(It is possible to 're-open' a meeting by clicking on the link that is displayed at the top left after a meeting is fully closed)

Submitting data from this screen updates the membership record with 'last attended', 'last role' and 'last spoke' and also builds the detailed information for mentoring. Details of speeches made and the evaluator for each speech are also saved in the member's record.

The data for speeches, roles and attendance that is presented in the Club Charts is based on what actually happened - that is, the information that you create here. If you do not record actual results for a meeting your 'Participation' chart will be blank and the date will be displayed in red for that meeting.

You may use this screen at any time after the meeting but it's best to update the actuals fairly quickly so that the membership information is current for mentoring and when you are using the assignment screen for the next meeting.
(However, if you have more than one meeting to record you do not need to do it in date order.)

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