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Author malcolmw  Date 15 Feb 12, 19:24  Views 12454
Description Using the agenda screen or responding to a meeting e-mail from your VPE
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How can I say that I will [will not] attend a meeting and accept [reject] a role?

Either - On your own initiative:
Log on to the system.

Use the link in the left-side navigation to go to the next meeting of your club.
Use Menubar > Meetings > Meeting List and select the meeting from there
Use Menubar > Meetings > Calendar to view meetings for all clubs.
Any meeting for a club where you are a member, or have previously been a visitor, is highlighted on the calendar screen.
Use the left-side navigation or Menubar > My Participation > Sign Up For Meetings to record your attendance and roles for several meetings at one time.

Further details will be displayed if you 'hover' with your mouse over a meeting.
The recommendation is that each club should make details of future meetings available on the system two or three months in advance.
Click on the meeting that interests you or use the arrows at the top of the calendar to move forward/backward a month.

Alternatively, if your club has sent e-mail with a request that you confirm your attendance at a meeting....
Click on the link at the bottom of the email and you will be taken to the agenda screen for that meeting and your preference booked automatically. (You must log in to say who you are before you can confirm attendance)

When you have selected a meeting from the calendar, or an e-mail link, the View_meeting screen is displayed showing full details for this meeting.

The list of attendees and their response so far is shown on the left of the screen.
Green ticks indicate that the person will attend,
Red crosses that they will not, and
Yellow question marks that they are not certain about attending
Gray question marksthat they have not yet replied

Indicate your choice by clicking on the 'Yes' button (green thumbs up) or the 'No' button (red thumbs down).
You may return to advise that you changed your mind at any time up to the final cutoff (set by the club but twelve hours before the meeting start is recommended).
Late changes after this - please telephone the meeting manager (contact details are available if you click on their name or their profile button on the left of the screen)
If you are not a member of this club you may still click on the 'yes' button next to your name to say that you will attend as a guest.
Information showing last meeting attended is shown for each member. If your club uses the feature, you may click on the date to display details of meeting attendance and roles taken recently for any member that you mentor and for yourself.

When the meeting manager has decided on an agenda for the meeting (three or four speeches or a competition etc) and begun to assign roles to members the details of this become visible on the right side of the screen.
Prepared speeches and any role assigned to you personally are always visible to you but the other roles may not be visible until the meeting manager decides to 'go public' with the detail.

If a role has been assigned to you, you may click on the 'yes' or 'no' button to accept or reject it.
The status of roles assigned to members, and their acceptance, is shown using the same symbols of green ticks and red crosses.

If you hover with your cursor over the ticks and crosses the system will display the time and user name that set this status.

If your club chooses to allow it and there are roles that have not yet been assigned to a member, or which have been rejected by a member who cannot now attend the meeting, you may be able to click on the 'yes' button to volunteer for this role. If this choice is not available, contact the meeting manager.

Also shown on this screen are:
The 'Printer' button - click here to get a printable version of the agenda.
'Previous meeting' and 'Next meeting' - click here to scan through meetings for this club.

(Top of screen)

'Watch this agenda for changes' - Have an e-mail sent to you when a member accepts/rejects a role.
'E-mail agenda to a friend' - Send a short e-mail with details of this meeting to invite a friend to this meeting.

(Other buttons are visible if you are the meeting manager or a club officer - please refer to the Club Management section of the Knowledgebase for more detail)

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