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Description Example links to easy-Speak from your club's website
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Using Links from your Club website 

Easy-Speak delivers the database functions for your club - but most clubs will run their own website to promote the club and its activities.

You may place fixed links on your club's website to connect to easy-Speak and use the features here to display data for YOUR club.

All the links will do the following:
Connect to this site
Check the club number that you provide in the link and if it is a valid club:

    Display the logo and strap-line for your club
    Display whatever data for your club that you asked for in the link

You may state which club you want to access in either of two ways:
By using the club_id (this is the preferred method and is faster)
By using the club number assigned to you by Toastmaster International.

For example, to access the 'News page' for Bicester Achievers, either of these links will work:

The club_id is shown on the club data screen for each club and visible in the url if you click on the Officer List for your club.
The club number is also shown on the club data screen for each club.

The following links are available (subsitute your own club_id for the '3' in these examples)

Display the club news and welcome page

Display the list of club members (Only clubs using the meeting management features) https://easy-speak.org/memberlist.php?c=3

Display the list of club officers

Display the Calendar

Display the Calendar - but limit it to your club ONLY

Display the Calendar - but limit it to your club and neighbouring clubs within 50 miles (can be any number)

Look up the next meeting for your club in the calendar and display details of it (Only clubs using the meeting management features)
Also see note at the foot of this article

Display the club photo album (Only clubs using the meeting management features)

Display all the club speeches (Only clubs using the meeting management features)

Show a street map including a marker identifying the club

Display an overview of the club

Show a list of neighbouring clubs

Display the club charts: (Only clubs using the meeting management features)

Several options are available to select and display one of your club charts.
Select the club_id (as explained above)
Select the chart that you want to display. 1=roles, 2=speeches, 3=participation, 4=list by member, 5=list by role, 6=leadership track, 7=Membership Campaign , 8=Visitors Introduced
For the three charts that show meeting dates as columns you may also use 'look_ahead' to select the number of meetings to look forward. For example look_ahead=3
You may, if you choose, select the sort order with 'mode'. Possible choices are:

    name1 - sort by first name (the default)
    name2 - sort by surname
    last_visit - sort by last time on-line
    joined - sort by date the member joined your club

For example, to display the 'Roles' chart

To display the list by member, sorted by the joining date in descending order, looking ahead 4 meetings

Automatic display of the next meeting date on your club website.
If your club is using the club management features of this site to plan club meetings you may paste a small piece of javascript into your own club website which will display automatically the date of your next meeting by referring back here.
This feature is triggered by the action of 'closing' a meeting - the next meeting date is calculated at that time - so be sure to record the actual details of your meetings promptly to keep the correct date on your club website.

The feature is demonstrated here on the 'Club Data' screen and the code to paste into your website is available on that screen to the officers that you have identified as having access to the Club Control Panel.