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Author malw  Date 20 Feb 07, 12:10  Views 8782
Description Checklist for the Chief Judge
Category Contests  Type Information

Chief Judge

· Appoint a Tie-breaking Judge
· Know who the Judges are
· Know who the 2 Timers are
· Know who the 2 Counters are
· Have a Counter form for each Contest
· Have all the forms for the Judges and Tie-breaking Judge
· Have the Top 3 Certificates
· Have a copy of the rules!

Upon arrival at the Contest
· Grab people to fill the places of any officials who have not turned up
· Get the Top 3 Certificates signed
· Collect from each Contestant an 'Originality and Eligibility' form

Brief them, either with the Judges and Counters or separately:
· Given them their forms, one each for each Contest
· Timing will begin with the first definite verbal or non-verbal communication with the audience
· Ensure that the lights operator knows when the green, yellow and red lights should go on and that the red light should stay on for the remainder of the speech
· Ask a Timer to give a signal to the Contest Chair at end of the 1 minute silence after each speech and 2 minutes silence after the final speech

· You can give them the Counters forms either at the beginning or when you leave the room with them to do the counting
· Brief them before the Contest, ensuring they know what to do and how many Judges forms are to be collected

· Give them each a judging form for each Contest
· Brief them before the Contest (see https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=10)

Tie-breaking Judge
· The identity of the Tie-breaking Judge should not be disclosed
· Can be you
· If not you, give him/her the Tiebreaking judging form for each Contest
· Brief him/her before the Contest separately from your briefing of the other Judges (see https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=10)

During the Contest
· Listen and look out for any potential breach of the rules, taking notes on points which may be the subject of a protest
· Prevent any clear breach of the rules if practicable (for example, giving the 'cut-throat' sign to a Contest Chair starting to make extraneous remarks)

When all the Contestants have performed in each Contest
· Make sure the Counters collect all Judges slips
· Collect forms from both Timers
· Collect Tie-breaker Judge's slip

Leave the room with both Counters for somewhere quiet, then:
· Look at the Timers forms to see if any Contestant was disqualified because of time
· Supervise the counting and make sure result is double-checked and agreed by all 3 of you
· If any position is tied, see who is placed higher on the Tie-breaking Judge's slip (for example, if 2 people have tied for 1st and the Tie-breaker slip has them 2nd and 3rd, person who is placed 2nd on the Tie-breaking Judge's slip is adjudged winner)
· Fill in the names on the Top 3 Certificates

· Any protest must be lodged with you or the Contest Chair by a Contestant or Judge before the results are announced
· Call a meeting of all the Judges (but not the Tie-breaking Judge - unless it is you!) to discuss it
· Any Contestant who has a protest made against them must be given the opportunity to put their case to the Judges
· Disqualification requires a majority vote of the Judges
· If in doubt read the rules

· Give Top 3 Certificates to the Contest Chair or whoever makes the presentations
· Listen carefully as the results are announced and be prepared to interrupt to correct any error

You can download the latest International Speech Contest rules at:

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