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Author malcolmw  Date 15 Feb 12, 19:48  Views 3658
Description How to 'watch' an agenda or discussion topic for changes
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Watch for updates

Easy-Speak provides a facility that will allow you to express an interest in a meeting or discussion topic and request that the system send you an e-mail automatically when something changes.

Generally the system will send you ONE MESSAGE ONLY - you will not receive any further messages about this particular meeting or topic until you return on-line to look at it and catch up with the current status. This is done to avoid sending you masses of e-mail on a topic that is changing rapidly.
The exception to this is the 'Watch this meeting for changes' which will ALWAYS send an e-mail if a member refuses a role scheduled to them for the meeting.

You may watch for updates in several ways:

Discussion Forum
Click on the 'Watch this forum for posts' at the bottom left of the forum overview.
You will be sent a notification when someone starts a new discussion thread.

Discussion Topics
Click on the 'Watch this topic for replies' at the bottom left of the discussion thread.
You will be sent a notification when someone adds a posting to the discussion thread.

Toastmaster Events
Click on the 'Watch this meeting for changes' at the top left of the agenda.
If you are the Meeting Manager the feature is turned on automatically for you.
You will be sent a notification when the Meeting Manager or Club Officer uses the maintenance screens to assign roles or when a member 'volunteers' for a role or refuses a role.

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