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Author malcolmw  Date 08 Aug 15, 21:33  Views 3849
Description Mission/purpose and qualifications
Category District Division and Area Officers  Type Reference

Elected District Officer Roles

The mission/purpose and qualifications of elected District officers are as follows:


As the District’s chief executive officer, directs the District in a way which fosters strong Clubs; produces maximum growth in education completions, Club and membership; and is consistent with the interest of members of Toastmasters International. Responsible for motivating the District to achieve Distinguished District. Achieves the Mission of the District in a manner which motivates volunteer leaders and promotes a standard of excellence in all District activities.

At the time of taking office, the District Director shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a Club President and at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a District level Director or Division Director or a combination thereof.

Under the guidance of the District Director, strives to have every Club and each member reap the benefits of the Toastmasters educational program and to have every club become a Distinguished Club. Responsible for achieving Distinguished District goals for CCs, ACs and Distinguished Clubs. Provides direction and counsel to Division Directors , Area Directors and Club officers on the educational opportunities in Toastmasters. Responsible for the design and conduct of successful District training programs, conferences, and other District educational events.

The Program Quality Director shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a Club President and at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a District level Director, Division Director, or as an Area Director, or a combination thereof.

Under guidance of the District Governor, makes the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. Plans, develops, implements, and directs short-term and long-term District marketing objectives. Develops and directs programs for new Club development, Club rescue efforts, Club membership promotion, and membership retention. Responsible for achieving Distinguished District goals for membership and Club Growth. Promotes standard of service to the member and to the Club.

The Lt. Governor Marketing shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a Club President and at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a Lt. Governor, a Division Governor, or as an Area Governor, or a combination thereof.

Establishes and maintains mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and co-operation between the District and its members, as well as between the District and the public, working to increase awareness of Toastmasters through all available media. Administers the policies and programmes related to public relations for Toastmasters International, the District and the Club.

There are no minimum service requirements. However in District 71 the PRO alternates between being a member from Divisions B, E, G or H (i.e. Great Britain) and Divisions A, C, D or F (i.e. Ireland).

Achieves the Mission of the District within the Division, accomplishing District Goals in membership, building and retention, Club extension, and educational accomplishments. Ensures that each Club realizes its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. Responsible for achieving Distinguished Division Program goals and for ensuring that Areas and Clubs within the Division achieve Distinguished status. Serves the Division Clubs by providing District support and resources through the Area Governors.

A Division Director shall have served at least six (6) consecutive months as a member of the District Council (e.g., Club President, Vice President Education, Area Director, District Secretary, District Treasurer).

Note that Districts do not have the same elected officers. For example, in another District the PRO may not be elected and the Area Directors may be elected.

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