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Description How to send an e-mail to all your members or to certain status of members
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E-mail to all your members 

Bulk e-mail may be sent by officers of Districts, Divisions, Areas and Clubs within the system.
Please refer to this article for a better description of using the bulk e-mail system at District, Division or Area level: https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=95

The menu item 'Club E-mail' will be displayed if you are a club officer with system permission to send mass e-mail on behalf of the club.
(More information on the system settings for Club Officers is shown here:)

The Club E-mail screen allows Club Officers to send a single e-mail to:

    all current Club Officers,
    all, or certain status of, club members.

The following fields are shown on the Club E-mail screen:

Recipients: Use this to select either your fellow Club Officers or Club Members.
Members status: If you selected to send an e-mail to club members you have a further choice of which status of club members you wish to address.
You may select one or many status of members for your e-mail.
(Please note that certain status of members may be marked by your club as 'never send e-mail' and this status will not show on on the list)
Subject and Message: Complete these as you would for any e-mail.

The e-mail will be sent when you press the button at the foot of the screen.
All Club E-mail in easy-Speak is sent using the 'admin' address for your club with the addresses in blind CC.

When processing is complete you will be given a list of user names addressed in your e-mail along with a list of any errors in e-mail addresses.
Please be patient and wait for this screen to be displayed.

If you are sending e-mail to a large list it will be split up into smaller pieces to reduce the risk of it being trapped by anti-spam filters.
Your club admin e-mail address will receive a copy of each outgoing message.
At the time of writing (May 2006) the system splits bulk e-mail into groups of ten addresses so, if you have 26 members in your e-mail-shot, your admin address will receive three copies of the message.

The system uses different status of club membership for each club to keep track of who should be included in meeting e-mail, who may speak at a meeting etc.
Some status are obvious - member, past-member, mailing list - and some are more specific and allow members of other local clubs or your Area Governor to take roles or speak at competitions.

(More information on Member Status in easy-Speak is shown here:)