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Division Information 2020-2021
Division D
Part of District 38
Division D - Southern NJ
Division Officers
Division Director Richard Barker E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
Immediate Past Div Director Paula Teachey E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Anne Golden E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone: 2157151555
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Bill Krouse E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: 717-774-4031 Daytime Phone: 717-774-4031
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Sheila Erespe E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: 215-836-4784 Daytime Phone: 267-305-9719
  Mobile (Hidden)    
Areas in Division D
Area 40 Area Director bobros   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 42 Area Director LisaAliq   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 43 Area Director barbjo   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 44 Area Director Mark Chierici   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Clubs Division D
Area Club Name Club Number President E-mail
40 Hamilton Smooth Talkers 7085892 Allesan (Hidden) Send e-mail
40 Jersey Shore Toastmasters 6070 DanaDiPi (Hidden) Send e-mail
40 McGuire Achievers 3111 3111 Debbie Martin Send e-mail
40 Mid-Day Toastmasters Club 4139 ShyamT2020 (Hidden) Send e-mail
40 Silver Tongues 6692 Lisa Johnson Send e-mail
41 Atomic Orators 7280111 KimberMu437 (Hidden) Send e-mail
41 Boardwalk Toastmasters 2677 AnnaliFa266 (Hidden) Send e-mail
41 Mainland FAA 1107 MikePa219 (Hidden) Send e-mail
41 Rowan Toastmasters 4890231 jfpick56 (Hidden) Send e-mail
41 Speak E-Z 4414 chriloft (Hidden) Send e-mail
42 Camden County Toastmasters Club 1189 ThomasSc757 (Hidden) Send e-mail
42 Swede Talkers Toastmasters 1460223 KARENVICK (Hidden) Send e-mail
42 TI Rutgers-Camden Charter 3698761 BrieZi543 (Hidden) Send e-mail
43 AAA Motor Mouths 5633364 Sponogle Angelic (Hidden) Send e-mail
43 Ahmazing 2.0 7560965 JennifMo012 (Hidden) Send e-mail
43 His Toastmaster's Voice Club 6280 JonathCh433 (Hidden) Send e-mail
43 TD Toasts 3887322 GeriG2020 (Hidden) Send e-mail
43 Xfinity Communicators 2556837 NaveenA2020 (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 Moorestown Area 4887 Maryellen Magee (Hidden)  
44 Safeco / Liberty Mutual of New Jersey 5107109 FayVa520 (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 Toastmasters In Unity Club 755315 Roxie Wesson (Hidden) Send e-mail
Data marked 'Hidden' are only available to Club & District Officers

(Easy-Speak ID 4615)
Officer History
Date Name Position
Paula Teachey Division Director
Lisa Johnson Immediate Past Div Director
Lisa Johnson Division Director
Paul Caron Immediate Past Div Director
Paul Caron Division Director
Kimo Thomas-Dennis Immediate Past Div Director
Kimo Thomas-Dennis Division Director
Bruce Cooper Immediate Past Div Director
Bruce Cooper Division Director

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