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South Austin Toastmasters  
Club News

The mission of South Austin Toastmasters club is to provide a

mutually supportive and positive learning environment

in which every individual member has the opportunity to

develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn

foster self-confidence and personal growth.


South Austin Toastmasters Club meetings begin promptly at 7:00 PM on Tuesdays.  All meetings at the South Austin ACC Campus are cancelled until further notice because of the Corona Virus epidemic.  Meetings are being held online and are open to the public.  Meeting location is subject to change.  Please call 512-565-1649 for more information. 

To view meeting information, Please select the "Meetings" drop-down menu above, then select the calendar date for the next meeting, or desired date to attend and/or to confirm meeting location.

To sign up for a role, select the "My Participation" drop-down menu above and select "Sign Up for Speeches".

Due to ACC's occasional closures, meetings are sometimes held offsite.  Check specific meeting date to confirm meeting location.


  • Park on 2nd or 3rd floor of parking garage. 
  • Sign in at campus police kiosk upon arrival, just past the campus cafeteria (need to know vehicle make, model & plate #).


Goals for South Austin Club members:

1.  Sign up for a role for every meeting you attend. 

2.  Schedule yourself to present a speech project at least once a month. 

3.  Make every speech part of a Pathways project. 

4.  Invite friends! 

5.  Renew your membership on time -- in the fall, before the end of September, and in the spring, before the end of March

6.  Make sure your educational completions are registered in the TMI (Toastmasters International) Club website. 

7.  Share your celebration of a new achievement with your club members. 

8.  Volunteer to help in the administration of the club success as an officer assistant, and eventually an officer!

For More Info

For more information, watch this introductory video or visit our district website.

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Join South Austin Toastmasters club at any time!  New members need to submit an application form to President Ka Yu or Treasurer Jennifer Fisher and pay dues (see below).  

Toastmasters membership periods run from April thru September, and October thru March. 

*** New members - Prorated dues table
  TI registration fee TI member dues South Austin dues Total due
Apr/Oct  $20.00  $45.00  $6.00  $71.00
May/Nov  $20.00  $37.50  $6.00  $63.50
Jun/Dec  $20.00  $30.00  $6.00  $56.00
Jul/Jan  $20.00  $22.50  $6.00  $48.50
Aug/Feb  $20.00  $15.00  $6.00  $41.00
Sep/Mar  $20.00  $7.50  $ -    $27.50
NEW MEMBER dues (Based upon month membership takes effect)

OR USE THIS LINK/ADDRESS  https://paypal.me/SouthAustinTM



*** Renew/Reinstate membership - $51

USE THIS LINK OR PLUG IN THIS ADDRESS - https://paypal.me/SouthAustinTM . Enter in the renewal amount of $51.

To avoid lapse in membership, member renewal dues need to be paid by the end of March and September (PayPal or cash/check).

You may also pay cash/write a check (bring to meeting or send to following address).  Checks should be made payable to South Austin Toastmasters.  If paying by mail, send check to:

South Austin Toastmasters, c/o Treasurer
P. O. Box 40205
Austin, TX 78704
Note: Membership renewal fee is not prorated; you must pay $51.00 when you renew anytime during that six-month period. If you have let your membership lapse, and you need to reinstate your membership, you must pay $51.00. 
Six-month membership dues includes Toastmasters International dues of $45 plus South Austin club dues of $6. 
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"What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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