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Welcome to Downtown Achievers  
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Downtown Achievers
Club Number 1129379

Area 65
Division F
District 60
Ontario, Canada
Toastmasters Int'l
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When do we meet?
Every Tuesday at 5:20 pm

Where do we meet?
To Be Advised

Be a guest at our next meeting!
26 Oct 21 at 5:20 pm

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Club News

October 19, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #76] 
Theme: Embarrassing Moments
Word of the Day: Spontaneity
Meeting Agenda: 

Liza, our Toastmaster shared some common embarrassing moments that are embarrassing for no logical reason, for example: when your stomach growls in public, running to catch the train, when people sing happy birthday, or having to turn around when you realize you’re walking in the wrong direction. Thanks for sharing that Liza, makes us remember that we’re all human after all (and giving us a laugh). 

Thanks to Alaine for taking on the role of Grammarian at the last minute Laughing Thanks to Farhad for his awesome Table Topics session and congrats to Jasmine our guest for winning best Table Topics!

A reminder that this weekend (Saturday, October 23) we have our outdoor meeting and social afterwards at David Pecaut Square, beginning at 12pm (recall that it was postponed from last week due to rain). Hope to see you there!

Thanks everyone and see you again soon! Virtual meeting link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/785855230


"Moment of Truth" Activity 

This Tuesday, in place of our regular Zoom meeting that will now take place on October 16 (outdoor meeting followed by social), execs and members took part in a "Moment of Truth" activity where we were joined by an energetic guest facilitator. The activity was designed as a reflective moment for our club to take stock of where we're at, reflect on our successes and look at opportunities to move forward even stronger as a club. Some interesting ideas were generated, which we look forward to sharing with you. 

Remember, the Downtown Achievers Executive team is always willing to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can work together to better meet members’ needs. Our doors are always open!



October 05, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #75]
Theme: Unconscious Bias in Humans
Word of the Day: Congruent
Meeting Agenda: https://easy-speak.org/viewagenda.php?t=443018&pr=1 

This week’s Toasmaster Rohit presented a set us up with a great topic - 'Unconscious Bias in Humans', where he talked about how bias works and how a majority of our biases are unconscious.

We had two speeches tonight. Alaine presented a speech on 'The Future of Retail' where she talked about retail has trsnformed in today's digital world. Frank persented his second evaluation and feedback speech on 'Expressing emotions and the Virtue of Boredom', where he explained how emotions work and why boredom may be a good thing. Both speakers did an excellent job. Congratulations to them both for completing their speeches.

Liza led a quick table topics session, with questions related to the theme. Both participants, Farhad and Rohit had great responses to the questions. Congratulations to Farhad for winning Best Table Topics!

Liza provided the President's updates. It would be great if everyone could respond to the survey sent across by Sarah for the club's Social Media page. We also have an outdoor meeting on Oct 16th at 12 PM, for which Liza has sent an invite. Please RSVP to the invite.

We also had last quarter's (Jul-Sep) awards announced tonight. Congratulations to the winners!
Most Speeches -> Rohit
All Roles -> Marisol, Liza, Deepak
Speech Lucky Draw -> Marisol
The exec team is coming up with a new points based system for the awards for roles. Stay tuned for updates from Deepak.

Next week's meeting has been moved due to the outdoor meeting on Oct 16th at 12 PM at David Pecaut Square. Looking forward to meeting everyone there.


September 28, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #74] 
Theme: Fall Equinox  
Word of the Day: Ephemeral
Meeting Agenda: 

Deepak, this week’s Toasmaster made up for the lack of speeches by presenting the theme of Fall Equinox and explaining to the majority of us who did not recall what that is exactly (it’s equal amounts darkness and light in a given day). Kudos, Deepak! Laughing

The word of the day chosen by Farhad, ephemeral, tied well into the meeting theme in that this summer felt quite ephemeral (fleeting and temporary) as we plunge into the fall!

We had some interesting Table Topics, led by Peta-Gaye to build participants’ impromptu speaking skills. She went above and beyond, including role play and a guessing game in the Table Topics; cool idea, Peta-Gaye! Congratulations to Deepak for winning Best Table Topics!

Finally, welcome aboard Alaine to the Downtown Achievers’ Exec team in the role as Sergeant-at-Arms!

Thanks everyone and see you next week: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/785855230



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