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Welcome to Hiroshima Phoenix  

          Hiroshima Phoenix Toastmasters Club          

Welcome to Hiroshima Phoenix!

Visit our virtual meetings and enjoy a 150-minute learning experience! We meet monthly on the last Saturday at noon JST in summer or 13:00 in winter, or the last Friday night at 20:00 Pacific time.


Guests are always welcome!

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Write to us for any questions and for more information: 
Club Contact Form or hptc_contact@googlegroups.com

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We aspire to Greater Learning from Pathways

We are an advanced English club in Hiroshima, Japan, chartered in October 2020. We currently operate on Zoom only. Our main goal is to learn better from the Pathways Learning Experience.

Club Aims

With our club slogan that "We aspire to greater learning from Pathways", we aim to make learning of communication and leadership from Pathways fun and efficient.

The phoenix is a symbol of Hiroshima, a city of peace that has risen from the ruins of an atomic bomb, and it represents our members’ desire for a peaceful world as well as their desire to use what they learn in this club to help make that desire come closer to a reality.

Membership Dues

Admission fee: JPY 2000, 6-month dues: 60 US Dollars 

Membership Requirement

Completion of the first 6 projects in the CC manual or of the Pathways level 1 and 2.


What's going on in our meeting...

Besides prepared speeches and evaluations, Hiroshima Phoenex club meetings always feature 20-40 minutes special session. Pathways based longer presentations are performed, such as Table Topics, keynote speeches, and panel discussions.
  • Warmup breakouts
  • Preapared speeches
  • Special session
  • Evaluation session
  • Club business
  • After meeting networking

 Sample speeches and leadership performances

Project: Prepare to Speak Professionally 18-22 min

Ethical Decision Making as a Club Leader
Masayo Arai and the panel
Project: Ethical Leadership 20-40 min

What I learned about blogging on LinkedIn
Veronica Armstrong
Project: Building a Social Media Presence 5-7 min



Special Events

June 2023
"Choosing Life" Let's meet Leslie and talk about peace!

The special online event was successfully completed. We are grateful that many people joined the event. It was a great opportunity to talk about peace and peacemaking and to emphasize  with each other across borders.

Leslie says: "My belief is that looking at nuclear weapons at the scale of individual human lives may be effective to convince people of the need to ban such horrors in a way that political arguments have not been."


June 2022
 "The Making of Paper Lanterns" Conversatuin with Peter Grilli

Hiroshima Phoenix Toastmasters Club, an advanced English Toastmasters Club, proudly hosted a special session titled "The Making of Paper Lanterns".  Mr. Peter Grilli, co-producer, discussed behind-the-scene stories of this award-winning film, "Paper Lanterns", as well as the significance of revisiting the film in the current world situation.  This special presentation is a part of Hiroshima Phoenix Toastmasters Club's ongoing efforts for availing ourselves of the communication skills acquired through our club activities toward the cause of the world peace even in a small way.  We hope you enjoy the video version of the special session.

Upcoming Meetings
2024-07-27, 12:00 Hiroshima Phoenix
2024-08-31, 12:00 Hiroshima Phoenix
2024-08-31, 12:00 Hiroshima Phoenix
2024-09-28, 12:00 Hiroshima Phoenix
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When do we meet?
Monthly on last Saturday, Mar-Oct: at 12:00 JST, Nov-Feb: at 13:00 JST, Zoom opens 30 min earlier

Where do we meet?
Zoom Meeting ID: 965 1235 4415 Passcode: 969970

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2024-07-27 at 12:00

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2020-2021 Chartered 2020-10-01

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