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Downtown Achievers
Club Number 1129379

Area 65
Division F
District 60
Ontario, Canada
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Every Tuesday at 5:20 pm

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To Be Advised

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18 Jan 22 at 5:20 pm

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Club News

January 11, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #86]
Theme: The Anthropocene Reviewed
Word of the day: Immersed/immersive (involved, absorbed, engrossed)
Meeting agenda: https://easy-speak.org/viewagenda.php?t=471283&pr=1 

Happy first meeting of the new year!

Our Toastmaster Deepak introduced this week's theme of The Anthropocene Reviewed and provided an overview of the key ideas in the book. The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity.

Congratulations to Alaine who gave a gripping speech on psychedelics and how they are taking on big pharma by providing other options for mental health treatment and so on. You're on a roll, Alaine!

Congrats as well to Herry who is this week's Table Topics winner for his speech on myths being the greatest invention in human history!

Other news (contact downtownachievers@gmail.com for more details if needed):

  • A Guest Blitz for January to March 2022 has launched! Bring a guest to any meeting until the end of March and enter a draw to win a prize!
  • The International Speech Contest will be held on February 1st, 2022. The winner will have a chance to move on to the Area contest.
    • You can be a contestant if you've completed Level 2 in Pathways, but there are other ways to participate – sign up on EasySpeak!

Thanks to everyone for their participation all year and see you next week at the following link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/785855230 

December 21, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #85] 
Theme: Christmas
Word of the day: Jovial (adjective: cheerful, friendly)
Meeting agenda: https://easy-speak.org/viewagenda.php?t=464933&pr=1

Our Toastmaster Marisol introduced this week’s theme of Christmas and showed how the famous holiday is celebrated by people across the world.

Alaine gave an interesting and visual speech on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and how, simple digital art can be valued at hundreds of millions of dollars! Great speech, Alaine!

The word of the day was jovial, reminding us to all enjoy the festive and joy-filed nature of the holiday season.

Deepak led our Table Topics session in keeping with the theme of the holidays. Congrats to Herry for winning Table Topics!

Here are this quarter’s contest winners:

-     Alaine for doing a speech this quarter, and 

-     Liza for the most points based on roles!


As well, see below for a photo from our Toastmasters Downtown Achievers Holiday Social last week!


Thanks to everyone for their participation all year and see you when Toastmasters returns on January 11, 2022 at 5:20 pm Eastern via Zoom (link): https://us04web.zoom.us/j/785855230 Have a great holiday season and wishing you all the very best in the new year.



December 14, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #84] 
Theme: Competition
Word of the day: Depict (verb: show or represent; portray in words; describe)
Meeting agenda: https://easy-speak.org/viewagenda.php?t=464932&pr=1

Our Toastmaster Liza introduced this week’s theme of competition and recalled the monumental Formula 1 (F1) race where Lewis Hamilton lost the race in the final lap, beaten by this season’s champion Max Verstappen! Liza described that competition can be positive and teach us to take risks and play by the rules while respecting our opponents.  

Welcome to our guest, Oliver!

The word of the day was 'depict', as described by our Grammarian Marisol.

Thanks to Alaine for taking on the Table Topics Master role at short notice bringing amazing thought-provoking questions. It was a great session. Congratulations to Liza and Sarah for winning!

Don’t forget this Thursday, December 16 is our in-person holiday social at Toronto’s Distillery Winter Village from 6:30 to 8:30pm ET. Please RSVP (Evite link should be in your email).

Thanks to everyone for their participation and see you next Tuesday at 5:20 pm Eastern via Zoom (link): https://us04web.zoom.us/j/785855230 (our last meeting of 2021!)

December 7, 2021 [Virtual Meeting #83] 
Theme: Growth  
Word of the day: Tenuous (adjectives: uncertain, weak or undecided)
Meeting agenda: https://easy-speak.org/viewagenda.php?t=464931&pr=1

This was our special “FISHBOWL” meeting where roles are assigned impromptu instead of prepared (a first for the Downtown Achievers Club in recent history!).

Participants lived on the edge of their seat at this thrilling meeting jointly with the Toronto Financial Analysts Club (our second joint meeting) allowed participants to flex their impromptu speaking skills.

Cecilia from the Financial Analysts club and our impromptu Toastmaster introduced the on-the-spot meeting theme of “Growth” and gave us tips like pretending to be confident before you’re acutally confident and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Stephen from the Financial Analysts club gave a fantastic impromptu speech on the power of the word “you”.

Liza, our impromptu Table Topics Master asked questions such as “what is one piece of advice that you’d give your past self?” and “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Congrats to Sarah for winning Table Topics!

This how the rest of cards played out:

-     Tara: Timer

-     Alaine: Grammarian

-     Sarah: Evaluator

-     Mayur: General Evaluator

A special thank you to our President, Liza, for all her hard work organizing this meeting and thank you to all who attended and participated!

Important Club updates Cry

  • Please RVSP to the Holiday Social @ Distillery Winter Village in Toronto (check your email for the invite) on Thursday, December 16 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM ET. Contact downtownachievers@gmail.com for more information.

  • Our last meeting of the year will be Tuesday, December 21, 2021 before we break for the holidays (and return on January 11, 2022). 

Thanks to everyone for their participation and see you next Tuesday at 5:20 pm Eastern via Zoom (link): https://us04web.zoom.us/j/785855230



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