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Racing Season: Shall or Will start

8 October 2018

Racing Season: Shall or Will start

Our Sergeant of Arms, Judy, got us off on time and we were racing away. As the club President, Jason, was away on holidays, it was up to Charles as the VPE to remind everyone about the upcoming speech contests on October 22. These will be the Humorous and International sections. Both are a lot of fun but are also very rewarding. Each speaker has an opportunity to present a 5-7 min speech on any topic. Please join in the fun?

After a few minor agenda changes our Toastmaster for the night Lilli introduced us to the Grammarian for the night, Ken.  Ken described for us the difference between will and shall: will can imply intention, while shall can imply necessity.

Lilli then lead us through a round robin on the question of what did I do on the weekend? Replies varied from birthdays, zoo trips, reading books, shopping for tiles, going to the gym and building a raft.

Our first speaker for the night was Charles who was completing his first project in Level 2 Innovative Planning. He was tasked to describe his leadership styles. He explained three styles he uses and gave examples how his style changes to suit the situation and place. As part of his speech he challenged us to identify the style which was predominate within the Toastmasters environment.  His speech was evaluated by Chris

Tony was our second speaker.  He was completing his ice breaker for Innovative Planning. Tony explained his, late in life, acquired love of books. One of his stopping points was to discuss the conflict that writers of self helps book have: are they just writing books to make money, even more money. Tony’s preference is for books where the writer has spilled blood, sweat and tears.  His speech was evaluated by Andrew

Mark was our third speaker and described what he had seen on his various trips to India. Two highlights were that the accounting standards in India are very similar to Australia and unlike Australia many people live their entire their lives in the street ie, eating, sleeping, washing, etc. His speech was evaluated by Tony.

After the break Fiona lead us through Table Topics: Judy replied to “What was the last time you did something new?”  Kevin responded to “Who do you sometimes compare yourself with?” Andrew lead us on a dance with his reply to “What gets you excited?” and Chris lead us to a climax with his response to “What lessons did you learn the hard way?”. All their responses were evaluated by Ken.

Awards for the night went to:

Best speech: Charles and Tony

Best Table Topics: Andrew

Best Evaluator: Chris, Andrew and Tony

Out next meeting will be the international and Humorous speech contests. These are a lot of fun and great learning experience. If you want to test your skills and challenge yourself to take the next step in your development, this event will show you how others are doing it.

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Posted: Wangaratta, 10 Oct 18, 07:05 by coachcarole    Comments:

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