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Club Speech Contests 22 October

Club Speech Contests 22 October

What an exciting night!! Our Sergeant of Arms Judy kicked us off on time. The contest chair, Charles briefed the contestants, while Chief Judge, Carole briefed the judges.

We had two great competitions.  Our first speech contest was the Humorous competition.

First, we had Tony with his speech “Men take risks and women are the voice of reason”. This was both very thoughtful and entertaining.  Memorable quotes: ‘It’s about the Yin and the Yang’… ‘it’s all about the vibe’ and ‘Really men need women else we would perish and that’s not even considering the reproduction side of the discussion’. This speech was a riot of laughter and surprises!

Second speaker was Chris with “Hard to swallow”.  In typical Chris style he led us down a path; then when we thought we knew where he was taking us, he suddenly captured our attention with a change of direction. His story centred around ‘M&Ms, an ice cream and the perils of dieting’. You really had to be there – the laughter was infectious.

After a short break in which the judges conferred we proceeded to the International contest.

Chris was first with “Afraid of the Dark”. Memorable quotes: ‘Daylight is a fun time but night time, when it is dark, this is when all the dangerous and scary stuff happens’. This was his story from boyhood to manhood and beyond and his adventures or was that mis-adventures related to the dark. An entertaining and enlightening speech with lessons for us all.

Fiona was next with “From Blank to Buzz”. This speech was a detailed examination on why we suddenly go blank in times of pressure. Memorable quotes: ‘that exam paper when you don’t even remember covering the topic, let alone know how to answer the question’ or ‘speaking in front of a crowd, when everything disappears from your brain’. Fiona didn’t leave us hanging about the blanks she gave us hints and tips to get the buzz back.

Tony wrapped up the international section with “Why I don’t like self-help gurus!”  This was a story of his personal journey from a dark place to enlightenment. Tony told us how his rediscovery of reading and his progression from self-help books to philosophy and philosophers who have the power to broaden the mind – helped him! Memorable quote: ‘self-help gurus are often conflicted in their own lives’ and their writing is ‘all about the money’.

Thanks to our timer for he night Lilli, and our counters and tie breaker judges Leah and Kevin, and judges Carole and Ken.

The winners and second place getters go onto represent Wangaratta club at the area level on Saturday 10 November 2018 at the Wooragee Hall 10am. This is a fun and entertaining day where all four sections including International, Humorous, Table Topics and Evaluation will be contested.  This is an opportunity to watch some of the best speakers in our area. The winners will then go onto compete in the division contests in Bendigo in February 2019.

In the humorous contest we had a draw for first place – an un-expected occurrence. So both Tony and Chris will progress. In the International, Chris was the winner with Tony second.

"The speeches from these two guys were really funny!" says Chief Judge, Carole

Congratulations to all the competitors, you have stepped up and given your best – great to see a new member Fiona taking the plunge. Good luck to all on the next stage of your journey and competitions.

Highlights for our next meetings:

12 of November:

  • Fiona – first speech from Level 1 Icebreaker
  • Chris - Motivational Speech
  • Leah - second speech from Level 1

26 of November:

Ice breaker night with speeches from Level 1, Innovative Planning, by Ken, Lilli and Kevin.

Note:  we are still looking for Reserve Speakers for both those meetings – please confirm attendance with Charles.

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