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Become a Sponsoring Sweetheart

We all know someone who could benefit by joining Toastmasters to refine their communication and leadership skills. At the beginning of the New Year, many people are looking for opportunities to enhance their skills and to try something new!

Refer your friends, family and colleagues to Toastmasters. When three new members (new, reinstated or dual) indicate YOU as their sponsor (referral) on the back of their membership application, you will become a Sponsoring Sweetheart.

All Sponsoring Sweethearts will...

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Posted: Securely Speaking Toastmasters, 15 Feb 14, 02:17 by Marc Miller    Comments: 0

Leadership lessons from Star Trek: Recruiting

In a regular job, people are motivated to get work done by what they get back, and they become so dependent on what they receive that the fear of losing those benefits or resources becomes incentive to continue to do something that they may not look forward to doing.  If I stop mindlessly sending email to technology partners about that it’s time to renew their subscriptions to engineering services, I could lose my job and not be able to feed my family, right? 

What about extracurricular activities?  How do you get someone to volunteer to do more work?  It’s one of the most common...

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LABELS:  LEADERSHIP,&sid=7f7e50b8551853c72246078004f9188f RECRUITMENT,&sid=7f7e50b8551853c72246078004f9188f PICARDTIPS,&sid=7f7e50b8551853c72246078004f9188f
Posted: Securely Speaking Toastmasters, 15 Feb 14, 02:09 by Marc Miller    Comments: 0


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