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Securely Speaking Speech-a-thon on March 15th, 2014

Securely Speaking Speech-a-thon!


Fun was had by all as Securely Speaking held a Speech-a-thon on Saturday. In a relaxed casual environment, we had time to socialize, participate in tabletopics, and complete nearly a months worth of speeches!


We met in building Q at the Symantec campus and got a preview of potentially a new meeting room. More on that later from SAA Vu.


The meeting was attended by President Dave Sokolowski (now CC), VPM Marc Miller (CC ALB), Secretary Bob Haataia (DTM), SAA Vu Hang, Anil Mohite, Chris Evans-Webber, Scott Barentsen (ACB), Nicole Tran (ACB), Peter McRae, and Guest Lorraine Haataia (DTM). There was a special appearance from our VP of PR Leanne Reuss as she stepped away from her work to join us for a few minutes.


As with any good toastmasters event, there was good food. Chris managed the food and he did an outstanding job! He managed vegan, gluten-free, chicken, and steak. There was plenty for everyone.


We enjoyed a very relaxed lunch just outside of building Q. There was plenty of time to socialize and get to know each other better.


Chris led us in a fun session of tabletopics in which everyone got to participate. He had questions, a grab bag, or PPT Karaoke to choose from. As with any tabletopics session, there was opportunity to practice and improve our impromptu speaking skills.


In the speaking portion of the meeting, SAA Vu led us off giving us the benefits of playing Golf, a game for life. He explained how the game would teach you honesty, integrity, and respect. He also discussed how to overcome the cost aspects as well learning the game. Junior golf programs as well as the 1st Tee help young people learn the game as well as offset some of the costs.  Peter McRae provided Vu feedback as he was assigned his evaluator.


Nicole gave us a speech from the Better Speaker Series (http://www.toastmasters.org/269) - Using Body Language. She provided good information to help us learn how to better use gestures, facial expressions, and body movement in our speeches. As always, Nicole provided humor, great examples, and great tips in educating us. Bob Haataia provided Nicole feedback on her speech outlining her strengths and areas that could be improved.


Next, our President Dave gave a speech reviewing the book “Give Your Speech, Change the World” by Nick Morgan. He discussed key lessons from the book: context of oratory, using stories in your speeches, and audience interaction. Several of us were immediately searching for the book as it is highly recommended for anyone seeking powerful speaking tools. Dave was evaluated by Scott.


Next our VPM Marc gave us a speech out of the Advanced Manual, Interpersonal communication.  In this 13 minute speech, he outlined the levels of communication; 1)  Purely observational, 2) Facts, 3) Opinions, and 4) Personal. In this speech, Marc brought up Scott to demonstrate small talk and how to move between the different levels of communication. Finally, Marc answered questions from the audience to ensure everyone was clear on the benefits of understanding Small Talk. Marc was evaluated by Chris.


Scott gave an insightful speech about friendship connection and the importance to connect with others and respond positively. He broke down the relationship connections and how each interaction can promote a better relationship.  Scott was evaluated by Vu.


Bob gave a speech on “To Eat or Not To Eat; The question that changed my thinking”. He described what it was like experiencing the culture shock while traveling to China. He explained everyone is defined by “popular thinking”. Popular thinking is essentially what your parents think, your professors think, and everyone around you thinks. He asked everyone to “Challenge popular thinking”. Bob was evaluated by Nicole.


Nicole gave her 2nd speech of the day in the Better Speaker Series. (http://www.toastmasters.org/269) Know your Audience.  Nicole was evaluated by Marc.



President Dave Sokolowski gave his 10th speech to earn his CC award.







Bob Haataia (DTM) earned his half-way to CL award.














Marc Miller received an award for his Advanced Leader Bronze as well as his “going extra mile” award.


Posted: Securely Speaking Toastmasters, 18 Mar 14, 23:55 by Bob Haataia    Comments:

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