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23 November - Newsletter

You need a grateful heart to run the extra mile, you need a grateful heart to help out when some fellow toastmasters cannot make it due to other commitments, and you need a grateful heart to appreciate others' contribution in difficult times…

There were only a few of us when the South Horizon Toastmaster 23 Nov meeting first started, but our grateful President Lily Liu decided to go ahead, despite the low turnout.  She melted our hearts when she passionately recalled her HKU timely admission experience, with traces of tears in her eyelids!  Gratefulness appears to be contagious, people like Derek Cheung and Belinda jumped in to volunteer themselves to different unfilled tasks such as table topic master, ah counter, grammarian etc.  Multi tasking is common place these days, but it was leadership, commitment and gratefulness which made a great meeting last night!

The table topic was of course linked to a grateful heart, the participation was overwhelming from the percentage perspective; Lily Choi cautioned us the danger of over doing things, bringing up the concept of teaching people to fish and not simply handing out fish; Jason shared with us the philosophy of giving the best to his son, coupled with tacit influence of growing a grateful child; Max, our Japanese guest, was thankful to the international relief rendered to Japan in the 2011 earthquake; Alex, our young energetic gung ho new TM, thought that people are in general grateful, he cited the examples of Japan & Tsing Hoi earthquakes, HK SARS epidemic; our long lost Indian TM Shivani  showed her gratitude & concerns to parents by calling them daily; Lily Liu believed that people would generally either returned favors to her or alternatively helping others after she helped them.

Wesley prepared speech “smile – no big deal” essentially advised audience to be happy themselves for one's health sake & better relationship/atmosphere; Ivan's speech on coffee sale strategy in China was informative and enlightening. 

Lily Choi's table topic evaluation was comprehensive and insightful.  Belinda's Ah counter report was accurate with a very innovative approach!
Lily Choi evaluation on Wesley's speech was analytical & detail with a cost of overshooting the time limit; Wesley appraisal on coffee sale was, per Derek observant feedback, a bit too harsh, focusing too much on suggested improvement, at the expense of missing out the good points such as engaging the audience from the very beginning of his speech.

Derek played the dual roles of GE and grammarian too; as usual, he displayed his excellent evaluation skills and gave valuable feedback to all players.

All in all, it was a great meeting.  The gratitude was continued at the post meeting tea gathering at a Wanchai Char Chun Ting.   We were all grateful to each other, with some learning points, fun and friendship. 

Our next meeting is on 14 December in Room 503. There will be some special arrangements on that day! Stay tuned!

Thanks for Wesley for preparing this wonderful newsletter for us!


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Posted: South Horizons Toastmasters Club, 07 Dec 13, 09:30 by Shiela CANCINO, SH TMC    Comments:

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