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9 November - Newsletter

Members of South Horizons and Wayfoong Toastmasters Clubs synchronized on Nov 9, 2013 when they combined their meetings.  


Antonia Chowho was one of the emcees in the Division Contest continued her hosting that night together with her partner, Penny Lam of Wayfoong.  What a good harmony among the two emcees.


Lily Liuled the Table Topics sessions and threw away 3 questions about TEAMWORK.  Takers were Rita Lo, Henry Fok and Penny Lam.


During the prepared speeches session, Rita Lokicked off by giving her CC2 - Organizing Your Speech entitled My Taiwan Trip.  Her message was appropriately organized that took us all to her memorable trip Taiwan where the highlight was lantern flying.  


Ivan Wongagain confidently delivered his CC5 - Your Body Speaks entitled Whatever.  He used his body language to demonstrate his "embarrassing” experience during his flight from Hong Kong to Malaysia.


Dave Cheungof Wayfoong Toastmasters Club presented his CC8 - Get Comfortable with Visual Aids entitled My Fortune and showed #7 and some other props that aided him to bring out the message of his speech (Fortune Tellers just put ideas in our minds but we are still responsible to our lives).


And, Shiela Cancinodelivered her AC Story Telling 1 – The Folk Tale entitled The Monkey and the Turtle.  She was challenged to use her vocal variety skills in sharing the story of the two friends, monkey and turtle.


After the networking break, we learned many from the evaluation session.  Howard Yeung's key points were translate question to answer and summarize the points in answering Table Topic question.  Gary Laipraised Rita for her organized speech and highlighted that he liked most the reflective conclusion.  He suggested that as a speaker we don’t have to say in conclusion due to the time limit.  Henry Fokcommended how Ivan used the stage confidently.  He suggested that Ivan could have exaggerated his facial expressions more.  Lily Liu complimented Dave’s excellent vocal variety skills and the strong conclusion he had.  She thought Dave could have used another topic for project 8.  George Fung liked the humorous part in Shiela’s speech.  He suggested that Shiela used old man voice for the turtle.  Last but not the least is from guest GE David Chan that turned out to become our new member.  He reminded that for joint meetings, both club banners should be displayed.  He also suggested that we should consider other events in scheduling club meetings. Like on that day that it’s a division contest, we could have delayed our meeting a bit.


Thanks to our facilitators Jacob Zhang(timer), Gary Lai(Ah Counter) and Dave Cheung(grammarian).  


Congratulations to Dave Cheung (best speaker),  Gary Lai (best evaluator) and Rita Lo (best Table Topic speaker).


Our next meeting is on November 23 in Room 503.


Newsletter Team of South Horizons Toastmasters Club

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Posted: South Horizons Toastmasters Club, 07 Dec 13, 09:32 by Shiela CANCINO, SH TMC    Comments:

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