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Indigo Speakers Club is on every social media platform ... well almost. You can now keep up to date with meetings events, hints and information on your favourite.

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Posted: Indigo Speakers, 15 Mar 19, 04:04 by caitspeaks    Comments: 0

February Events in Northern Region of D73

Contests: Sunday February 10 at 9:30 am

Venue: Central Wendouree Bowling Club, 1330 Gregory St., Wendouree

Purpose: participants from Northern Division clubs will compete in the International, Humorous, Table Topics and Evaluation contest. Our representative in all contests will be Chris Smith from Wangaratta TM. Come along and support him.

Listen to high calibre speeches on the day and network with other clubs in our Division.

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LABELS:  NORTHERN,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  REGIONAL,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  FEBRUARY,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220
Posted: Indigo Speakers, 06 Feb 19, 04:22 by coachcarole    Comments: 0

LINCD - Wednesday 20 February 2019
LINCD event
Wednesday 20 February 2019 - 6:30pm at Baranduda Memorial Hall

LINCD is an exciting new community fundraising opportunity and community leadership development initiative led by Indigo Speakers Club.

FIVE not-for-profits community groups have been selected to participate in a tailored Speechcraft course. Five two hour sessions over 5 Wednesday’s in January 2019 in Yackandandah....

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LABELS:  LINCD,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  SPEECHCRAFT,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  COMMUNITY,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  LEADERSHIP,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  FUNDRAISING,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220
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Final meeting 2018
Posted: Indigo Speakers, 25 Nov 18, 23:15 by caitspeaks    Comments: 0
LABELS:  INSPIRATION,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220  ASPIRATION,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220
Posted: Indigo Speakers, 01 Oct 18, 07:11 by coachcarole    Comments: 0
Becoming an Elder, not just Older
LABELS:  AGEISM,&sid=8aeb3b40fe47022c20c4db4107556220
Posted: Indigo Speakers, 25 Sep 18, 04:15 by coachcarole    Comments: 0

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