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easy-Speak in Romanian
I am delighted to announce that easy-Speak is now available in Romanian.

LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  LANGUAGE,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  ROMANIAN,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a
Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 16:31 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

Club Artifacts

I'm figuring out how to upload artifacts to this website will post here when I get it.

LABELS:  TIMER REPORT,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  GRAMMARIAN REPORT,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a
Posted: PMI Portland, 24 Jul 16, 03:12 by Trish Kelley    Comments: 0

Club at
Posted: PMI Portland, 24 Jul 16, 03:05 by Trish Kelley    Comments: 0

Getting the Word Out - Club Email Communications
LABELS:  EMAIL,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a COMMUNICATION,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a NOTIFICATION,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a ANNOUNCEMENT,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a
Posted: PMI Portland, 08 Feb 16, 01:05 by Matthew Hoffman    Comments: 0
Happy Holidays
LABELS:  PRACTICE,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  RESOLUTION,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  PROGRESS,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  FRIENDSHIP,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a
Posted: PMI Portland, 19 Dec 15, 02:38 by GregHawkins    Comments: 0
District 7 Contest Adventure, 11/7
LABELS:  HUMOR,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  EVALUATION,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  INSPIRATION,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  EXPERTISE,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  POISE,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a  CONTEST,&sid=6b3947bd2e267e249fcc03fc17c9a55a
Posted: PMI Portland, 13 Nov 15, 00:04 by GregHawkins    Comments: 0

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