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Creekside TD Meeting venue till Jun 2019
Date                      Meeting room                             Location                                      
March  27th  2019  Red Maple in B3 Main Floor

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LABELS:  MEETING VENUE,&sid=72b6c4e12c49b03b1827e74a4f82a352
Posted: Creekside TD, 16 Apr 19, 23:20 by Bhaskaran Srinivasan    Comments:

Officer in-charge of Weekly scheduling of Club meetings

Officer in charge of Weekly scheduling of Club meetings and Assignment of Meetings-roles-2018/2019




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LABELS:  OFFICER IN-CHARGE,&sid=72b6c4e12c49b03b1827e74a4f82a352
Posted: Creekside TD, 28 Mar 19, 13:53 by Bhaskaran Srinivasan    Comments:

Creekside TD Toastmasters-6th Mar-Open house -Thank You

A BIG Thank you to those who attended the Open House Event today.


We were fortunate enough to have invited John Ribeiro DTM, as our guest speaker.


This afternoon one hour was a well spent lunch hour in learning from John's experience and the tips that he shared with us on why Toastmasters and the three C's of Toastmasters. As I write this, and recollect the 3 C's, it makes more sense to me and I am able to relate to what John mentioned on attending Toastmasters sessions....

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Posted: Creekside TD, 25 Mar 19, 21:05 by Bhaskaran Srinivasan    Comments:

Switch to Pathways- Message from Jocelyne
Posted: Creekside TD, 13 Dec 18, 04:23 by Bhaskaran Srinivasan    Comments: 0
Creekside TD - International Speech Contest - 5th Dec 2018
LABELS:  CREEKSIDE TD - INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST,&sid=72b6c4e12c49b03b1827e74a4f82a352
Posted: Creekside TD, 06 Dec 18, 18:07 by Bhaskaran Srinivasan    Comments: 0
easy-Speak in Romanian
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=72b6c4e12c49b03b1827e74a4f82a352  LANGUAGE,&sid=72b6c4e12c49b03b1827e74a4f82a352  ROMANIAN,&sid=72b6c4e12c49b03b1827e74a4f82a352
Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 16:31 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

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