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Meeting Role Tips  

Every meeting we have a number of regular roles.  Here are some tips on how to fill these roles.


Be prepared. As the Toastmaster, you are the point person for the meeting. Make sure you look at the agenda before the meeting and print out the speaker's introductions (they are on the meeting page in easy-Speak).

Read through the introductions and check with the speaker to make sure that you are pronouncing the speakers names properly.

Here is a download link to the Toastmaster script. It is also on our Google Drive account.  

Remember you are running the meeting, have fun and bring the positive energy.

Table Topics

As the Table Topics Master, you are to come up with the questions that will be asked of the speakers. You choose the speakers. We suggest beginning with members who are not on the agenda, followed by members who have smaller roles (like the timer), then you may ask a guest, if they would like to participate. Do not strong arm a guest to speak as that can drive them away.

Here is a download link to the Table Topics script. It is also on our Google Drive account. 

This part of the meeting should be fun, so have fun and get creative with your questions.

General Evaluator

You will run the evaluation portion of the meeting. You will introduce the speech evaluators and other feedback roles. You give your evaluation of the meeting as a whole. When giving your evaluation, please keep it brief with both positive remarks and feedback for improvement. Avoid rehashing feedback given by other roles. It is good to give an evaluation of each evaluator.

Here is a download link to the General Evaluator script. It is also on our Google Drive account. 


The timer keeps time for the prepared speakers, the table topics speakers and the evaluators. The timer should use the club green, yellow and red cards to indicate the progress of the speech. Once a card is shown, it should be held visible to the speaker until the next card or the end of the speech. Try not to block the sight lines of the audience.

Here is a download link to the Timer script.  We have the timing cards and a paper log at the venue.  Here is a download link to the paper log. The script and log are also on our Google Drive account.

Grammarian/Ah Counter

As the Ah Counter, you will be keeping tally of all the filler words each speaker uses. We suggest that you tally up to 5 marks, after the 5th tally mark, just add a plus sign indicating the speaker had more than 5 uses of that particular filler words. This will save the speaker of any embarrassment they may feel.

As the Grammarian, you are responsible for providing the Word of The Day. Please come prepared with the WOD printed on a piece of paper with a large large enough font that the audience can see.

Sometimes these 2 roles are combined.

Here is a download link to the combined Grammarian/Ah Counter script.  We have a paper log at the venue.  Here is a download link to the paper log. The script and log are also on our Google Drive account.


These are some tips to help you better understand each of the roles. However, at Collegeville Toastmasters, we are a team and teammates help each other out. If you should have any questions do not hesitate to ask any member of the club. As always, remember to HAVE FUN!!!!


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