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Congratulations on taking the first step. People generally have a fear of public speaking and they seek out Toastmasters to get better at it. There are many valid reasons for joining including preparing for an important speaking event; gaining better presentation skills for work; getting better at job interviews; developing better communication and leadership skills or simply developing more self-confidence. Whatever it is for you and no matter how you may be feeling, remember that you are among friends.


Toastmaster Without Borders is an online club for experienced and new members.

Our aim is to be the best in whatever we do.

We put the 'toast' in Toastmasters online!


We welcome you to a unique experience in our online club, Toastmasters Without Borders (TWB). Our meetings offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which to step into the world of online public speaking. TWB welcomes visiting Toastmasters and guests from across the globe.

How to Visit and Join Meetings

Wondering what it is like to attend a typical Toastmasters meeting? Pay a "virtual visit" to better understand what happens during a meeting.

Join a meeting using the Guest's Invitation on the right, or the Future Meetings panel on the left, or select from the options under the Meetings menu above.

Relax and please enjoy your time with us as a guest. We will not ask you to participate unless you want to. Please feel free to say 'PASS' during the round robin, the session that is used to 'warm up' your vocal cords. You may also take part in Table Topics if you wish. Enjoy the speeches, learn from the evaluations and have fun during the Table Topics. We are all at different points along our speaking journeys and we remember that we were all beginners once.


Please Contact Us if you have questions, or if you need assistance. If you would like to perform a meeting role as a visiting Toastmaster, please include that in the email.

Some Information

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International (TI) is a not-for profit training organisation that focuses on communication and leadership development. The Toastmasters program has been tested over many years and has been of benefit to millions of people since it was founded in 1924.


Why join Toastmasters?

It is the most effective way to learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking. Toastmasters empower people to achieve their full potential, promote self-confidence and encourage leadership potential. Why Toastmasters?

Facts about Toastmasters for first timers


What will I learn as a Toastmaster?

In a Toastmasters Club, you will learn by speaking to groups and working with others in a supportive environment. You will learn how to run successful meetings; how to think on your feet to give an impromptu speech; how to give an effective prepared speech and how to evaluate what you hear and see. It is also a great way to develop self-confidence.


How will I learn all these skills?

As a Toastmaster you gain access to professionally designed learning materials, the Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience. All about Pathways


How do I join?

We ask potential new members to attend at least 2 meetings before becoming a member, so that you can make sure you like our club. Visit us as often as you would like. When you are ready to join, you will need to fill in an Application for Membership. You can contact our Vice President Membership for more information. If you become a member we will conduct the Induction Ceremony for New Members.


Online doubts?

We are a fully online club, with members from all over the world. 7 tips for attending online meetings

And lastly, your privacy matters, please find details on how Toastmasters Without Borders uses your information here.


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