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I am going to tell you a story even though you may have heard it, I am going to do it with body language.


Communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal. The non-verbal component is made up of 55 percent body language and 38 percent tone of voice. But how can we use this 55 percent of body language communication better?


We had some great laughs, teamwork and body movement in the Round Robin where one person talked and another person re-enacted the movement with...

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LABELS:  MEETING,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  AGENDA,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  LANGUAGE,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  GESTURES,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  BODY LANGUAGE,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  EDUCATION,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff
Posted: Toastmasters Without Borders, 08 Nov 20, 07:36 by Michelle.W    Comments:

15 October 2020 Meeting

Hello fellow ToastMasters,


Why secret weapon?

Well everyone in the meeting could tell you why: because remote devices, listening or silence, mentoring, honesty, the internet, utilising peoples qualities, a pen, smiling, patience, asking questions, resilience, expectations, empowerment, trust, consistency, fearlessness, planning, curiosity, a diary, presence, empathy, and many more are important qualities we all use or give others every day. 


The first speaker was Herlinde. She gave a speech about "Questions can...

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LABELS:  MEETING,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  AGENDA,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  LANGUAGE,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  TABLE TOPICS,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  EVALUATIONS,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff
Posted: Toastmasters Without Borders, 16 Oct 20, 07:49 by Michelle.W    Comments:

Impromptu... oh no sorry I do not speak English...

Mark Twain: “It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech”.



“From the day we were born, from our youngest memories, haven’t we been speaking impromptu all our lives?” Roshantha asked us. Yes, we have, especially in moments when your husband, wife or parents are waiting up for you at night and ask ‘Where have you been?’.


On Thursday, 1 October 2020 we had a special guest, Roshantha, who taught us more about table topics...

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LABELS:  IMPROMPTU,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  WORDS,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  LANGUAGE,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  MEETING,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  EDUCATION,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff
Posted: Toastmasters Without Borders, 09 Oct 20, 08:56 by Michelle.W    Comments:

17 September 2020 Meeting
LABELS:  MEETING,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  AGENDA,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  LANGUAGE,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff
Posted: Toastmasters Without Borders, 18 Sep 20, 09:19 by Michelle.W    Comments: 0
Posted: Toastmasters Without Borders, 25 Aug 20, 00:16 by Michelle.W    Comments: 0
Evaluation Methods
LABELS:  EVALUATIONS,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  MEETING,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff  LANGUAGE,&sid=57096a728abae48268a6a01a3c6209ff
Posted: Toastmasters Without Borders, 21 Aug 20, 02:57 by Michelle.W    Comments: 0

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